Fortnite announces its new Creative mode in which we can create freely

Epic Games is an unstoppable locomotive creating content for Fortnite! In addition to all the weekly content that they usually introduce, this week they have presented the new creative mode, which will allow us to create and build freely. This new mode will be added to the game’s main menu, so it will be to a certain extent independent of the Battle Royale.

Creativity to power!

The new creative mode coming to Fortnite will be permanent and will allow us freely create and build across the mapping. If this creative mode follows the line of those already existing in other games, we will have all the items of the game in a menu. This could be used by players to create buildings, shooting ranges for weapon practice, mini-games and even to create shorts. The possibilities are endless.

We have seen similar creative modes in Minecraft and 7 Days to Die, for example. The main difference with Playground is that we will have all the game items at any time, have no time limit and be independent, that is: It will be in the main menu.

While we wait…

Until you tell us more about this new mode, we suggest you follow the new and icy plot that Epic Games presents to us or get the Weekly Challenges. Very soon!

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Do you like the idea of ​​a creative mode in Fortnite? What use would you give it? Tell us your plans in comments.