Fortcraft: The Chinese copy of Fortnite for Android

Video games have existed for many years and since the appearance of smartphones they have also had their niche, technology is advancing and video games for phones are more popular every day, they are the order of the day.
The big brands have bet heavily on the mobile version of their games but of course, and as always in this technological world everything has its copies and imitators.

This time it’s about the chinese developers have created a copy of the game of Epic games, the world famous Fortnite and here you can download it.

The mode Battle royale It has been a very common aspect in video games for quite some time. Since the arrival of Fortnite to the market, they have gotten many users to be hooked for ease and playability.

FortCraft can be defined as the Chinese fortnite in which we will play in a mode 100 player battle royale set on a 16 square kilometer map. Players have a large number of weapons of all kinds with which they can kill other enemies and destroy the vast majority of objects on the map.

You can directly download the .apk file and download FortCraft from here