Facebook will sell WhatsApp data to companies

WhatsApp is not profitable. Amortizing the figure of 19,000 million euros that Facebook has paid for WhatsApp is not easy and that is why they have proposed a business model that would allow them to make a cut, sell WhatsApp data to companies and offer support to users through this simple and widespread application.

WhatsApp has 800 million users But the truth is that, despite the fact that there are many more than 65 million Telegram users, this is still not profitable, although some pay 0.89 cents for the application each year the balance is still negative and many years would have to pass to make WhatsApp profitable in this way, not counting the maintenance costs of an application used by 800 million people.

Facebook plans to make money with WhatsApp by selling the data to companies

It may seem like some kind of privacy problem but the truth is that WhatsApp’s anti-spam policy is pretty good And surely your eyes will not bleed seeing annoying notifications from third-party services. WhatsApp for Business is a real possibility and it could be closer than it seems.

How would WhatsApp for Business work?

Using WhatsApp as support or contact for the users of a company is still unknown and although this feature is already being testing on Facebook Messenger, implement it in WhatsApp is something that is not known when it will be done.

Making WhatsApp profitable is vital for your purchase to be productive, despite the fact that the purchase of WhatsApp has been like a self-defense for the company. They will not miss the opportunity to earn money and implement the B2C messaging in the application (Business to client) although the terms of use of WhatsApp would be altered.

Bloomberg has been in charge of promoting the idea and the truth is that it surely does not go wrong. The facebook guinea pig (Facebook Messenger) does not work badly at all and the fact that the games are implemented in FB Messenger does not mean that they will be exposed in WhatsApp either.

At the moment doubts such as spam and other “legal issues” are too green to do it in the application but the truth is that there are many companies that use WhatsApp to communicate with your customers And this business model could allow the company to offer products to its customers without having to call around at odd hours. This does not catch me off guard, after all Facebook is a company that seeks to make money, not a charity that aims to make users happy, the same as Google, or what do you think?