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Facebook Portal, what it is for and how your video calls work

Facebook Portal, what it is for and how your video calls work

Facebook has launched a new device focused entirely on video calls that… it’s kind of weird really. We have never seen anything like this at least from a company as big as this. His name is Portal and he comes to give you the best video calls seen so far.

From this article you will be able to know all its characteristics, how it works and if it really is useful for something. Before continuing, I remind you that this is how you can activate the Do Not Disturb mode on Facebook.

Facebook launches Portal, the future of video calls is here

Broadly speaking, it is a “portal” focused entirely on video calls. They both have a screen and a camera with Artificial Intelligence. It is capable of identifying faces and zooming in on them automatically. That is, even if you move you will always be framed.

We have two different models: the normal and the Plus. The first has a 720p screen and a 140 degree wide angle camera with HD resolution. The only difference from the Plus model is its panel that makes the leap to Full HD, its camera is the same. You also have two speakers and a subwoofer for the best audio quality.

The grace of this is that it is capable of integrating with Alexa, acting as a personal assistant. We can play music or even add graphics to your video call just by saying it, not bad, don’t you think?

Portal and Portal+

Portal from Facebook. Smart, hands-free video calling with Amazon.com Alexa built-in. 💡- Whether you’re moving around the kitchen or chasing the kids through the living room, Smart Camera adjusts to follow the action. 🎬- Smart Sound enhances the voice of whoever is talking, wherever they move in the room, and minimizes unwanted background noises. 🎙- With Alexa assistant built-in, you can access many of the things you know and love about Alexa. Check the news, control smart home devices, set timers and alarms, order groceries, and access tens of thousands of Alexa skills – all you have to do is ask. 💬-Private by design. Portal has clear and simple device settings that keep you in control. 🔐- When you’re not on a call, Portal displays your Facebook photos. 🖼- Listen to songs together via Spotify, Pandora or iHeartRadio and both hear crystal clear audio – no echo or reverb from the other side. 🔊Like this Page and learn more at https://portalfb.me/2C0L933 🔗

Posted by Portal from Facebook on Monday, 8 October 2018

Now it remains to be seen if it is safe

The idea of ​​having a Facebook camera and microphone in your house is scary. The company’s credibility is rock bottom and for this reason they have specified that the two modules are completely deactivated when it is turned off. In theory, video calls are encrypted and the AI ​​works on the device locally.

What if we trust? We are not going to say anything for now, but Facebook does not seem too safe to us. We must take into account the attack suffered a few days ago that affected more than 50 million accounts. Now it’s up to you to decide whether or not to trust this company, what do you think of the new Portal of the social network?