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Facebook develops a camera for TV with which you can make video calls

Facebook develops a camera for TV with which you can make video calls

We all know that throughout this year Facebook has been involved in various controversies, most of them for security reasons. However, the company of the good Mark Zuckerberg is developing a camera with streaming video for televisions. Although we know that sometimes Facebook spies, people will continue to buy their innovative products.

According to the American portal Cheddar, Facebook is working on a camera that is placed on the TV and allows people to make video calls and access the streaming service. Basically it is an intelligent camera that will link your TV with the most famous social network in the world.

All about the new Facebook Camera for TV

The codename of the camera is ripley, but it is not yet known if it will be named that way when it reaches the market. Thanks to this gadget, you can make video calls and use your TV screen to see the other person. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Facebook is taking its communication methods to another level.

The Ripley camera will be able to recognize faces and people. In addition, it will automatically focus on the user who is speaking during a video call. It is also capable of open camera angle when more than one person is on the call. It is a camera that takes advantage of the latest benefits of technology.

When this smart camera from Facebook hits our TVs, will enter into competition with brands like Apple, Google, or Amazon. All of these have already been offering products dedicated to the streaming service for some time, but Facebook is not afraid to enter this field that is becoming more and more extensive.

The Chrddar team indicates that the camera is under development, but that Facebook wants to introduce its new device in early 2019. We just have to wait for an official announcement from the company about its new product dedicated to streaming. The possibility of chatting with those friends and family through a television is quite attractive, it remains to be seen if the Ripley camera has enough to beat or match the competition.