Facebook adds “Discover” so you can find more groups

the boys from Facebook they seem to be integrating a new functionality, the goal? allow them to users find more groups. This new feature would be called “Discover» and it would allow us to find more groups, being able to easily join the ones we want without having to go through so many detours throughout the application. For example, it would allow us to easily join the best food places in the area, among others. Do not miss it.

Facebook adds “Discover” in groups

Through the guys from Mashable we have known all this data. And it is that with these public and local groups, we could see which friends belong to them and what these groups offer us. They would be aimed at making us discover more groups that fit our tastes. We can get an idea in the following image, in which we see suggestions and we can join.

We could search by name, and discover for example the best restaurants nearby that offer certain foods, and the same applied to anything else, which is really interesting. But in this way, we will see the most popular, the groups that we cannot miss to be aware of everything, and very importantly, based on our tastes.

This new option to Discover on Facebook would have 25 different categories: sports, food, buy, sell, pets, trips… This will be very comfortable now, because we can go through the different categories to discover everything. As we see in the previous image, it has a tremendous pint.

is in evidence

For now all this is in evidence, few users can make use of it. However, it is possible that in a couple of weeks, if this new functionality works well, it will begin to reach all users, both on Android and iOS and PC. We like it a lot of course!

What do you think about the new Facebook? Would you like it?