Face unlock not working? Here’s how to fix it

It was quite a long time before fingerprint scanners appeared on the low-end market. But it didn’t take long for the face unlock feature to hit the budget phone market, with phones like the Vivo V7 Plus, which costs $ 300, and others like the Huawei Honor 7X and Honor 9 Lite, soon to be. via an OTA update.

This means that you don’t have to shell out $ 1000 to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or even half of it for the OnePlus 5T in order to enjoy the beauty of facial recognition. Given the price differences between, say, Honor 9 Lite and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the face unlock feature on the former isn’t nearly as impressive as the one you get on the latter. As a result, you may encounter some problems along the way, but this is not to say that those who use Apple’s Note 8, OnePlus 5T, or even iPhone X, will not encounter problems of their own.

So what should you do if face unlock is not working on your Android phone?

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The basics

Those sensors surely need a cleaning (intentionally overdone, by the way!)

First, let’s get to the basics. In most cases, you will find that the reason why face unlock is not working on your Android phone is your own fault. So, to make sure it’s not you, make sure of that:

  • The front camera, which is used for facial recognition, is not covered by anything, be it a screen protector, a case, or even dirt (if you bought a new screen protector recently and run into problems after applying it, then this could be the case).
  • Since the face unlock function works by scanning your face (eyes, nose and mouth), make sure it is visible to the front camera.
  • Although the face unlock feature of almost all phones is designed to work in almost all conditions, even when wearing glasses or in dimly lit rooms, there are some sunglasses that block light and therefore can prevent that the face unlock function works properly. Also, try to use the function in well-lit environments for the best results. – Taking off the glasses always helps to unlock the face.
  • Speaking of which, when you are outside on a sunny day, make sure you hold your phone so that the sun and the scanner are not in direct contact.
  • To get the best out of face release, make sure the phone is in the portrait orientation. As mentioned above, also make sure to face the camera and keep the phone closer to your face, perhaps an arm’s length away.
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But what if it’s not your own job, face unlock doesn’t work? Well, there are more solutions for you to try.

In addition to the things you need to be aware of, here are some fixes to solve face unlock issues.

Deactivate and reactivate face unlock

If your phone’s face unlock feature doesn’t work, the first thing you want to try is to deactivate it and activate it again. You can do it in your phone’s Face Unlock Settings. However, when deactivating the function, be sure to restart the phone before activating it. If this doesn’t work, keep reading.

Restart Face Unlock

Although in most cases disabling and re-enabling the face unlock feature works magically, there are cases where it doesn’t. This is where you will have to reset the face unlock feature and once again this can be done through the face unlock settings where you can re-register your face. When you do this, make sure you are in a well-lit environment.

Check for the latest updates

Face Unlock has been rolling out to various mobile phones as a software update. Like any other software-based application, the facial recognition function may have problems after a software update. In most cases, developers roll out quick updates to resolve any issues.

Therefore, if you have problems with your phone’s face unlock feature, make sure that you are using the latest software version available for your phone. You can confirm this in the About settings, where you can even manually check if an update is available. Maybe the solution to your face unlock problems and others you probably don’t know about is just an update away.

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Clear app cache and data

You might be surprised what the data accumulated by the Face Unlock feature can do to your performance. Since it will not harm your phone, we will not go into other things that are outside the scope of this article, but will show you how to clear the cache and application data on your phone.

Go to Setting> Applications and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and select Show system apps. Scroll through the apps and you will find Face Unlock. Click on it to open a new screen where you will have to click on Storage> Clear Data / Cache and ready.

Reset the phone

If the problems with the face unlock feature persist even after all this, your last option is to factory reset your phone and start over. This can be done through Settings> Backup & reset> Factory data reset But make sure to backup your personal data on the phone before going this route because everything will be erased.

Good luck!

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