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Eufloria HD – review

Eufloria HD – review

Does it lead to euphoria or is it quite the opposite?

The reviewed production is a child of the Dyson studio. Has a small team managed to create a work that will be permanently entered on the list of the most valued games? It is not easy to answer this question.

Euphoria’s goal is to colonize asteroids. Seeds are used for this, created automatically from time to time by trees. The more plants are planted, the faster and the more seeds can be harvested. There is also a second type of tree – these are used to increase the overall “health” of your asteroid.

However, the gameplay does not only consist of waiting for the right number of spores and placing trees. Obtaining these asteroids can be done in two ways. The first one is very simple – if the object in question is empty, just send seeds towards it and get another asteroid. However, much more often the spotted asteroid is inhabited by enemy units. Then there is nothing else but taking over the land. Various types of seeds are used for this, the choice of which must be carefully considered.

The basic type of units sent are scouts – they provide information on whether an asteroid is defenderless or on the contrary – colonization will not be without a fight. Each planet in Euphoria is described with a lot of information. These include the 3 most important ones – strength, speed and energy. The first is responsible for the level of defense and attack, the second is for the range of movement, seeds, and the third is for their speed. The right types of seeds help in the capture of the asteroids, attacking the aforementioned factors. Sometimes, however, it is worth giving up the offensive and sending spores with a high level of speed – they are able to bypass the “bad” planets and get to the neutral ones.

PlayStation Vita got the game in the HD edition and, although you can not see it at first glance, when you compare this version with that intended for desktop computers, you can see the difference in visual quality. The Sony handheld console also has another advantage over the work intended for PC – touch controls. The front screen of the Vita is perfect for strategy games, and the Eufloria uses this advantage in a very good way. To zoom in on the asteroids and admire the erected trees and climbing roots, all you need to do is make a two-finger move – it is very natural and improves the gameplay. All selections are made by touching the appropriate icon on the screen. The precision of this action is very high, which translates into the smooth transfer of the player’s thoughts to the actions in the title.

It is also worth paying attention to the sound side, which can relax – when communing with Euphoria, it is often possible to forget and listen to pleasant, delicate sounds, perfectly harmonizing with the style of the game. An aggressive approach to colonizing often results in the loss of seeds, so it is necessary to calmly analyze the available solutions to the problems, which is greatly helped by the sound.

So is Eufloria the perfect game? Unfortunately not. These advantages are not able to cover a very important drawback – monotonous and boring gameplay. To fully enjoy the production, you should take breaks from time to time. In the case of longer meetings with the title, it can quickly discourage you from further associating with it.

Thanks to Omni Labs for submitting the game for review