Epic Games warns of a deadly bug at a point on the Fortnite: Battle Royale map

The Fortnite Season 8: Battle Royale It has brought the pirate theme, new mechanics, game modes, skins … And bugs! Epic Games announced yesterday the existence of a bug at a specific point on the map that kills you instantly. Do you want to know what area it is? Keep reading.

The fork and knife of death

Epic Games has warned through its official accounts on Twitter the existence of a bug that has arrived with the Patch V8.01, which brought the Buried Treasure, a new game mode and other novelties. Among all the content, a exact point on the map where we insta-die. The location is in Fork and Knife, near Lethal Latifundio. The location is very appropriate! The venue has already claimed the lives of many players in numerous games.

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Watch out for the Fork Knife! We are aware of an issue that kills players when playing near the Knife Fork in Lethal Latifundio.

We will launch a solution to this problem in no time. pic.twitter.com/6G5huPcEdY

– Fortnite (@Fortnite_ES) March 6, 2019

For those who have not suffered its effects, these two irregularities on the ground shaped like a fork and knife make any player who steps on them die instantly. Users have complained and Epic Games has announced that it is working to fix this bug. In fact, while we are writing this news, it has been discovered another location in El Bloque that has the same effect. The common denominator is low ground. Until they are fixed, we recommend players stay away from these areas. We share a map with the danger zones.

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The Season 8 Fortnite: Battle Royale is now available for all platforms. What do you think of this bug? Have you suffered it? Tell us in comments.