Enjoy this day with the family with the 10 best movies you can watch on Netflix

One of the most common activities at Christmas is to watch movies with the family from the comfort of our homes. That is why we have decided to make a list with The 10 best movies we can watch at Christmas on Netflix.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

This is the story of Mowgli, a boy raised by animals in the middle of the jungle. This boy must face his fate and that of an entire jungle, while he seeks to understand where he comes from and where he belongs. The movie is based on the original story from the jungle book

A film full of action and suspense, with incredible special effects.

The Christmas Chronicles

A Christmas movie for Christmas. From the creators of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and My Poor Little Angel this incredible adventure arrives.

Two brothers team up to record Santa, but they end up trapped in the sled, and now they must make an unexpected trip with a somewhat particular Santa.


Battle is a Norwegian film, where Amalie, the protagonist of this film, faces a very serious situation in her family environment, after her father goes bankrupt and She will have to face this situation while fighting to achieve her dreams of becoming a professional dancer.. Although fate may have other things in store for him.


It is a Mexican film of the drama genre and is set in the 70s. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who manages to show the marked social differences of the time, along with Cleo, the protagonist of this story. A domestic worker who works for a family in a neighborhood in Mexico called Roma.

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Something interesting about the film is that it was recorded in the same neighborhood where director Cuarón grew up and the entire film is in black and white. People say that is a strong candidate for the Oscar as best picture.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

We continue with the Christmas movies and this time we bring you the sequel to this fun romance.

After a year in which Amber helped Richard preserve the throne of Aldoviathe couple has decided celebrate your royal wedding. However, when the time comes, she begins to have doubts as to whether she has what it takes to be a queen.

Bird Box: Blindfolded

For lovers of suspense comes “Blind.” A movie starring Sandra Bullockwhich plays a fighting mother who, in the midst of an apocalyptic world, fights to preserve the lives of her two children, who they are exposed to a force that just by seeing it ends your life.

With virtually the entire world population dead, they must undertake a two-day journey blindfolded.


It may not be a movie to watch as a family, but we wanted to offer options for all tastes. That’s why we brought you Apostle, a rather gore movie, which deals with the story of Thomas Richardson, a believer who travels to a remote island to look for his sister.

One time on the island he meets a community that performs gruesome rituals of torture. His arrival has not been well received and now he has become the main target of this strange sect.

Blocked account

Blocked account or Cam, is a horror and suspense movie where a teenager who works as a “*** model” in an adult website, you discover that your account has been hijacked by another person with a face identical to yours.

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This will trigger a series of events that will make you not want to be near a computer for very long.

princess change

Taking a step away from horror movies, we bring you a romantic comedy. Two physically identical women but with very different lives. On one side, we have a duchess and on the other, a baker. Both decide to change places for just two days and see life from a totally different point of view.

Definitely a well known storybut that does not stop being entertaining for this.

July 22

We all remember the tragic terrorist attack that occurred in Norwayin which an extremist murdered 77 teenagers at a youth camp in 2011. Is The film is based on that horrible event and the subsequent trial of the terrorist, Breivik, showing us his perspective and that of the victims.

It is good to remember that the tastes of one person and another can be very different. It is normal that some of these films are not to your liking, so We invite you to leave in the comments which is your favorite movie to watch this day.

And before you leave, be sure to watch all the premieres that Netflix brings for the month of January 2019.