EA’s Success or the Pit – Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

Review Star Wars Battlefront 2:

Even before all the controversy over the progression system and loot boxes, players were already complaining about the low amount of content in the first game and the absence of a campaign mode. These two points were taken into account by DICE when developing Star Wars Battlefront 2 and also brought characters and scenarios based on all the films in the franchise, the result of which was a more complete title.

Electronic Arts “seems” to have learned from the mistakes of the first one, but after all these controversies over the new game, is it still safe? Come find out now!


Art direction

Let’s start with the strongest point, which makes the game unique. Without a doubt, Battlefront 2’s art direction was and is what most attracts players’ attention, at least at first hand. It’s literally visible how hard Electronic Arts, DICE, Motive and Criterion have gone to bring to the graphics, design, soundtrack and art the details of the Star Wars universe. These factors were paramount to build the excellent immersion that is provided to the player.

Interactive new movie?

The story takes place between “Return of the Jedi” and the beginning of the new trilogy. She is shown from the perspective of Iden Version, commander of a force of elite soldiers of the Empire.

Battlefront II’s campaign mode is not far behind in terms of quality when compared to other games that have the same proposal to focus on online multiplayer, such as the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises.

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Another point that must be mentioned is how it was frighteningly faithful to the universe created by George Lucas, it is as if the player were interacting with a new film in the franchise. It was no less to be expected, as Lucasfilm itself was involved.

game modes

The big news in online multiplayer is the “Galactic Assault” mode. It consists of 40 players doing their best to complete stages on large maps, and thus lead their team to victory. It is precisely these steps that make the modality interesting. Rest assured, each map has its objectives. Let’s take Naboo as an example. Check the details:

Separatist Droids

  1. They must escort a vehicle full of droids to the palace.
  2. If they succeed in the previous objective, they will need to hack the security system to gain access to the main hall.
  3. When they arrive in the main hall, they will have limited time so that as many droids as possible stay in the middle of the place to capture it.

Republic clones

  1. The clones must use an electric weapon that appears on the map to destroy the droid transport.
  2. Prevent the palace hacking at all costs.
  3. Eliminate all enemies that are in the middle of the main hall, thus preventing capture.

Here are the other game modes:

Heroes VS Villains: It consists of an exciting combat between a team with 4 villains and another with 4 heroes from the Star Wars universe. What will determine victory will be killing the target that is chosen at random.

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Battle: It’s 20 players in a fast-paced close-quarters matchup, also known as the typical team playoff.

Attack: It is a mode in which 16 players must face each other and complete small objectives. The team that succeeds in two rounds wins.

Attack with Starfighters: Two teams of pilots take control of Bombers, interceptors, fighters and hero ships to battle each other in multi-stage objective-based space.

Arcadian: This mode is offline. In it you can fight enemies controlled by the game and improve your skills in various scenarios. It’s worth mentioning that split-screen play is allowed, and this adds to the fun considerably.

Free Content

It has already been confirmed twice by EA that all DLCs will be free with regard to new characters, vehicles, skins, maps, skills… The first wave starts in December, as can be seen below:

Negative points


the real problem with this game was the complicated progression system that EA implemented after the open beta. It had greatly increased the amount of credits (in-game currency) required to unlock things like characters… Thus forcing players to buy crystals with real money to make things easier. Because of this, everyone was afraid that this would make the game unbalanced.

But after so many complaints. Electronic Arts has reduced the values ​​by 75%, for example, before releasing Darth Vader it took 60,000 credits and now only 15,000.

Also, microtransactions have been disabled, so at the moment everything will be performed and obtained exclusively through gameplay. If they are enabled again, it is believed that it will not become an issue for players as it was, as the company has already made positive changes to the progression system and is still improving through community feedback, as well as for various other reasons. , like the pull of the ear that the company took from Disney for all this drama over the name Star Wars.

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So everything indicates that the biggest flaw of Battlefront 2 no longer exists.

Campaign issues

Although it is generally satisfying, and more interesting for Star Wars fans. The campaign has two flaws: it is possible to finish it in 5 to 7 hours, it could last longer, and it could also be more challenging, because even in the highest difficulties, the ease in some parts is noticeable.

Tips and Trivia
  • Complete the challenges, they will give you rewards.
  • Open the game every day to get a free crate.
  • There will be no Season Pass, as the DLCs will be free.
  • Lucasfilm was involved in the development of the game.
  • Developers: DICE, Criterion and Motive Studios
  • Distributor: Electronic Arts
  • Launch: November 17, 2017
  • Gender: FPS and TPS

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