Download Telegram 3.5 with many new features

New Telegram update available for download, which corresponds to Telegram 3.5. As always, it has reached us through Telegram itself as a message, informing us of all the news, which is not a few. We find changes in voice messages, secret chat, privacy and photo editor, so you cannot miss them. Download / update Telegram 3.5 right now. These are the news:

Telegram 3.5 – News

Download Telegram 3.5 with many new features

These are the news that come to us with Telegram 3.5 for Android:

  • Voice messages: view of the waves, new player and recording. They also inform us that it is an experimental characteristic to elevate to speak and listen.
  • Secret cats: here we finally find support for GIFs, a functionality that users were crying out for. On the other hand, responses, comments, also the preview of stickers (to be able to see them in a larger size when we select them) and integrated bots. It also improves the view of the encryption key. Link preview is optional.
  • Privacy– Control who can add you to groups and channels.
  • Photo editor: rotate, fade, hue and curves.
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As we can see, we have important news. If we record a voice message, we will see that the waves actually appear. The other changes, we also find them all. Now the photo editor is more complete, there is more potential in this feature.

Download Telegram 3.5 on Google Play

Telegram 3.5 can now be downloaded on Google Play. You will only have to search for Telegram and you will see that the option to update does appear, and if not, it may be updated automatically. You will find the changes all when entering Telegram.

Leave us a comment if you have questions!

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Download | Telegram 3.5 on Google Play