Download PlayStation Network 1.0 for your Xperia

From today we can download PlayStation Network 1.0, which until now we only had available in the Xperia Z3 +. All PlayStation users who have an Xperia can now enjoy this fabulous PlayStation Network app from their terminals at zero cost. This great news comes to us as always from the XDA Developers forum, through a user who shares the app with us from his Xperia Z3 +.

PlayStation Network 1.0 on Xperia

The PlayStation Network app is starting its expansion to more Xperia devices. The pioneer was the Xperia Z3 + but every time it is expanding more and more towards the other Xperia terminals, with some minimum operating system conditions inside so it runs smoothly. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher is required.

PlayStation Network offers us a direct route to its great services, such as PlayStation, Remote Play, PS Video or PS Music. We will see it as we see in the following image:

It is presented to us under a really attractive interface, with it we will have endless possibilities available to any Xperia user that meets the minimum system conditions.

Some users have experienced some kind of problem with the package, but for many others it seems to work without a problem. However, if you take a look at the comments on the XDA forum, you can already see all this in detail, so you don’t miss anything and stay up-to-date on how PlayStation Network 1.0 is working on the other Xperia.

PlayStation Network is compatible with Xperia Android 4.3 or +

We remind you that it is compatible with Xperia with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher. So if you have a terminal that meets these characteristics you can enjoy PlayStation Network on your smartphone, such as direct route to your PlayStation. Feel free to try it, as long as you meet the requirements, and leave us a comment about your experience using the app.

Download now PlayStation Network 1.0 in APK Mirror, totally free and functional. Test it!

How about PlayStation Network 1.0? Do you plan to download it? Do you think it should have come out before officially? We have not been able to test it, but if you do, do not hesitate to tell us how it works.