Don’t worry, the HTC 10 doesn’t bend

We have seen the HTC 10 in video resisting scratches, bendgate and even to the fire. We have been able to see all this in a resistance test and it has no waste, so the best thing is that you take a look at the video yourself (it’s great). Also, in just 4 minutes you will discover everything that this HTC 10 is capable of supporting. Don’t you dare miss it:

HTC 10: Endurance test

In this resistance test we can see that the scratches are very noticeable. It is true that the scratching occurs with force, so if it rubbed with some keys it would not scratch anything, however, in this aspect it is not super resistant. Although we are talking about a cutter and with force, so it is surely normal. The camera, however, seems to more than resist it, which is great news, because this terminal has the best camera on the market.

Advancing through the minutes of the test, we find that the litmus test leaves the screen a bit KO (which is totally normal) and also that occurs after a while giving it a fire with the lighter completely on top. A black circle appears, which then disappears. After this, it can continue to be used, it does not affect the touch panel.

By bendgate survive. He hits it with all the force in the world but he can’t bend it, unlike the Nexus 6P which bends like clay.

survive it all

conclusion: Barring scratches, the HTC 10 survives everything with ease. great video and superb resistance. We like that it doesn’t bend even with all the force in the world, and also, to scratch it, we would surely have to use a lot of force, it doesn’t scratch with a few simple keys in your pocket.

What do you think of the video of the HTC 10 resisting everything?