Do you have a smartwatch? Here are the top 10 games for Android Wear 2.0!

It’s true. Playing a game on a smartphone is not the same as playing a game on a watch, but more and more developers are trying to transfer their ideas to smartwatches. Today, without going any further, we bring you the 10 best games for Android Wear 2.0 that you can download from Google Play.

There are games for all tastes. But all of them are perfectly adapted to the screens of smart watches. Anyway, here’s how to change the keyboard on Android Wear 2.0. Basic and simple games, easy to control and that work practically on all devices that have Android Wear 2.0.

Top 10 Games for Android Wear 2.0

Wear Maze

Wear Maze is the classic maze and puzzle game. Your goal will be to find the right path before time runs out. The game has 25 levels, fits both round and square screens, and is very easy to control. A very simple mechanic for a free and ad-free game.


Tilt It is considered one of the best games for Android Wear 2.0 that you can download. An augmented reality game in which you have to use your phone’s camera to turn the clock into a game board. The objective will be to keep a ball on this board. It is free, but with the inconvenience that you will spend a lot of battery on your mobile and watch.

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Space War

If you like classic games, you have to download spacewar. Here you control a plane and you will have to shoot down all the enemies that come your way. You just have to move left and right and tap on the screen to shoot. It comes with 12 levels and support for round and square screens. Its price is 0.99 euros.


PaperCraft is another traditional shooting game. You control a small triangle of paper in the form of a spaceship that must destroy its enemies. We like the ease of the controls and the overall color of the game. Its last update is from 2016, hence it may not work on all watches.

Nougat Land

Nougat Land It is a very simple game that reminds us a lot of the classic Flappy Bird. Your objective will be to try to keep a small Android doll in the air as you hit obstacles. I mean, you only have to worry about jumping, but it’s very addictive and works great on Android Wear.

life line

the saga of life line is made up of a series of narrative role-playing games. During the game we will receive a series of communications from someone who is in trouble. The purpose of the game will be to make the right decisions to keep this person alive. Although they are games that are worth money, they are well worth trying.


Income is a live multiplayer game where you have to travel to various locations in your city to accomplish certain missions. Yes, it is similar to Pokemon Go, but in Android Wear version. At first it seems a bit complicated, but when you get into the dynamics, it will surely hook you. And while we are talking about Pokemon Go, check out the new update for this game.

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infinity loop

infinity loop is another very simple puzzle game. On this occasion, you will have to turn the lines that appear on the screen until you can form an infinite loop. The controls are so simple that you hardly have to touch the screen. A very simple mechanic for a totally free game.

Emerald Chess Android Wear

The classic chess game for Android could not be missing here. emerald chess it fits perfectly on the watch screen and even has a multiplayer mode. You can also play against the system at different levels to test your abilities. If you like chess, this is the game you have to download. For Android smartphone we can also recommend you the 5 best chess games.

2048Android Wear

We close our list of the 10 best games for Android Wear 2.0 with 2048. A mathematical logic game in which you have to combine a series of numbers until you find the correct one. The first levels are not very complicated, but little by little the difficulty increases. Ideal to have a good time.

Do you know other games for Android Wear 2.0 that you want to recommend us?