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Discover more about Hollow, a Fiction/Horror FPS for Nintendo Switch!

Discover more about Hollow, a Fiction/Horror FPS for Nintendo Switch!

And the Forever Entertainment announces another game for the Nintendo Switch!

After the announcement that it would be bringing Violett, prodigy, and Frederic: Resurrection of Music to the console, the eShop European Union reveals one more title, which so far seems to be the most promising: Hollow, a FPS of horror made by MMEU at Unreal Engine 4which takes players to explore a seemingly abandoned spacecraft/mining station in Jupiter’s orbit.

THE Forever Entertainment provided a description in the European eShop, which you can read below:

“I never cared much for this ship… I just… wanted to find myself. I had to. Something, deep inside my brain – deep inside my own soul – tormented me, struggling to make sense of it all. But the sad truth is that she never could. I never could. I still can’t remember who I am.”

Hello, prospective member of our team! Welcome to Shakhter-One, the first mining spacecraft to collect resources from the atmosphere of the planet Jupiter! Shakhter-One supplies massive amounts of supplies to a resource-hungry Earth. Thanks to Shakhter-One, we no longer need to depend on coal and oil! Still not convinced to make Shakhter-One your new home?

“I don’t even know if this has happened before. Me, here, telling that exact same story… Certainly not. I would remember that… Right?”

Shakhter-One offers a new start among the stars! At Shakhter-One, everyone matters! Everyone has a job! All children have an equal beginning! We are confident that Shakhter-One is the perfect place to start your family’s future!

“The only thing I’m truly sure of is the deep, constant feeling I have inside. I am empty. I am hollow.”

In “Hollow,” you are one of the pilots transporting precious cargo from the Shakhter-One mining spacecraft to Earth. One day, you wake up in an emergency pod wandering near the facility. You don’t remember who you are, or how you got there… All you can remember is an autopilot code to land the NR 6 capsule at the facility.

Upon landing at Shakhter-One, it is apparent that something has gone horribly wrong. The team is missing and all facilities are dealing with catastrophic power issues. As he begins to uncover the spacecraft’s terrifying secrets, Shakhter-One threatens to take away his identity, his sanity, and – ultimately – his life.

The worst evil is one that knows us better than we know ourselves.
The worst nightmare is the one we carry in our past, in our emotions, fears and pain.

Below, a beautiful trailer for the game, set to Mad World, by Gary Jules:


There are several gameplay videos of the demo on YouTube, and you can see two of them below:


And there are also some images:

We are certainly curious to see the final version of the game, and to know more details, such as release date and values.

Until the moment, hollow is confirmed only for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

You can visit the official website of Forever Entertainment clicking here.