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Discover Jurassic World Alive, the Pokémon Go to hunt dinosaurs

Discover Jurassic World Alive, the Pokémon Go to hunt dinosaurs

Every time we find more augmented reality games. That is why we want to talk to you about one of them: Jurassic World Alive. It is something like a Pokémon Go to hunt dinosaurs, so you have to know it. It is spectacular!

The truth is that in its beginnings, Pokémon Go captivated users above all because of nostalgia, since it is the game that many of us grew up with. Hence, many developers are working on their own games. How is this dinosaur?

Jurassic World Alive: the Pokémon Go style game to hunt dinosaurs

Dinosaur lovers have a must-see with this installment for mobile phones. We talk about Jurassic World Alivethe game that will come to Android at late this spring of 2018. At the moment we do not have a specific day of arrival, we only know that it will be arriving in the last days of the first, so it promises.

What is known about Jurassic World Alive?

As in Pokémon Go, instead of capturing Pokémon you will have to capture dinosaurs. It is an experience similar to the Niantic game, but with other protagonists, so you can interact and collect them as you go.

We will see a kind of Map that will guide us throughout the game. You can take photos of the dinosaurs, level up each one you capture, and even pit them against other players.

When will it be available for Android?

As we already told you, at the end of spring (at some point) it will arrive on smartphones, both on iOS and Android. However, investigating a little we have seen that the premiere of the new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie for June 22so it could happen those days.

You can now pre-register for the game!

While we wait for it to be available, there is something that can be done. in case you love yourself pre-register to receive an alert when it can be downloaded, you will only have to enter the official site. Or from the Play Store, where it says «prior registration«.

We will be very attentive to all the news that we are receiving of this incredible game, very thought for the lovers of the dinosaurs. And for those who don’t get scared easily, because meeting a dinosaur in augmented reality has to be shocking.

what do you expect from Jurassic World Alive? Do you want to try it?

Source | TheVerge