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Discover how a smartphone charger works

Discover how a smartphone charger works

The charger is an essential component for our mobile to work. Well, it transmits the adequate energy so that it turns on, and manages to perform its functions. Increasingly chargers evolve in order to provide better performance on the devices.

Although it is something we use daily, we never wonder how it works. And the truth is very interesting know how energy is transmitted from one place to another through our charger. It is very easy to understand, and today we will show you every detail you need to know.

How can a charger transmit power?

It must be considered that the chargers are made for send a specific amount of milliamps. If this was not controlled, our mobile and other electronic devices would explode as they could not withstand the electrical voltage.

There are a lot of different types of chargers, but what meet the same goal. The first thing we need to know to understand how they work is the following:

The charger is divided into 2 parts, one that is responsible for lowering the voltage, and the other that transforms the current. The transformer is the part that lowers the voltage from 220 V to 5 V, thus maintaining control of the loads. On the other hand, there is the bridge rectifier, which converts alternating current into direct current.

Once the transformer fulfills its function, we will have 5 V in the current. Through the process, the charger separates electrical charges into positive and negative.

So that the current is always continuous, capacitors or capacitors are needed. These are charged in tenths of a second with voltage, and discharged in the same way. This is how it softens the oscillations so that they remain continuous, and transmit the energy to the smartphone without problems.

If the charger is not original, and it is of poor quality, can create problems in direct current. The oscillations will have irregular variations, which will cause some errors in the sensitivity of the screen.

This will depend mostly on the type of AWG cable, the smaller its number, the higher quality it will be. That’s why we must be Be careful when buying a charger other than that of our device.

Have you understood how a smartphone charger works?