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Disable Firefox Pocket – here’s how

Disable Firefox Pocket – here’s how

Firefox Pocket is a function of Firefox that allows you to create a pocket list. You can then call up and view these at any time using a small button in your browser. You can also easily deactivate the list via the settings.

This will disable Firefox Pocket

Saving links in the pocket list has some advantages. This allows you to access and call up specific links more quickly. If you still want to remove the function, you can do this via the Config page.

  1. To open the Firefox Config page, type “about.config” in the address bar and confirm with Enter.
  2. If you have never changed the Firefox settings, a warning will now appear. If necessary, confirm the pop-up message with “Accept risk and continue”.
  3. You will now come to a page with many entries. Click on the search bar at the top and enter “Pocket”.
  4. If you have found the entry “extension.pocket.enabled”, click next to it on the button with the two half arrows that point in two different directions. Then the value is set to “false”.
  5. If you would like to activate the function at a later point in time, simply proceed as described above, but set the value to “true” instead of “false”. To do this, click the arrow icon again.

If you want to manage Firefox more quickly in the future, you can install add-ons in the browser that make it easier for you to use.