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Dinosaurs come to life thanks to Jurassic World Alive

Dinosaurs come to life thanks to Jurassic World Alive

The videogame Jurassic World Alive is now available for mobile devices, and many fans were looking forward to it. As we already told you on one occasion, andThe game is similar to Pokemon go what concerns to go outside to hunt creatures. But instead of adorable Pokémon, on the screen of our mobile phones we will find huge dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Alive, in search of dinosaurs on the streets of the world

In Jurassic World Alive We can see the dinosaurs around us and hunt them like this at a distance: the closer you are to the dinosaur, the greater the chances of getting it.

For the capture It is not about throwing a ball or anything like that, but a drone is piloted, to throw darts at the dinosaur in question, and thus collect DNA to virtualize it later in the lab.

In the game you can also perform fighting between dinosaurs with a team of four maximumwhere dinosaurs They attack in turns based on their level, skills, etc. The awards that are received are coins, give us DNA, money, common and special dinosaur DNA.

Incredible Dinosaurs with Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality that the game proposes seems to work quite well, being able to see the dinosaur in question in reality, very realistic scale and quality. You can make a photo or record a video of your favorite dinosaur.

New Dinosaurs and new hybrids

In the future, they will keep dating new species of dinosaurs that form new hybrids As the Indominus rex of the movie Jurassic world or the Indoraptor of Jurassic World the fallen kingdom, merging species such as Triceratops with the Stegosaurus.

In addition, we have learned that players who have already done the pre-registration of the game, they will receive a reward on next May 30.

What do you think of Jurassic World Alive? Are you going to try it?