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Did you know that in America they consider electric skates dangerous?

Did you know that in America they consider electric skates dangerous?

Electric scooters haven’t been on the market for long, but they’re already wreaking havoc in America. Currently there are several major companies that have scooters on the market such as Xiaomi Corp, Segway Inc, Bird Rides Inc and Lime. All with a wide catalog of electric skates that help us move around any city on two wheels. In fact, on the web we have several skate options that might interest you due to their incredible quality and price.

Today’s news is that in the American country they are considering this technology very dangerous for daily use. Also, 9 people who were injured by electric scooters They have filed a class action lawsuit against the aforementioned companies for negligence. Ensuring that companies are aware of the danger generated by electric scooters and have deployed them throughout the country, regardless of the safety of the passerby.

Ever since electric scooters came to USA In September of last year, hundreds of bicyclists and pedestrians have ended up in the hospital for injuries ranging from minor bruises to missing teeth. Actually, there is no official figure of how many people have been injured by these two-wheel skates, since when you enter the hospital they do not take the cause but the type of injury you have.

This is what will happen to electric skates in the United States

Electric scooters can be shop in over 100 cities around the world because it is a means of transport that respects the environment. In addition, it is a technology that is in full swing and has a rapid growth. However, it is plagued with controversies, complaints, lawsuits, broken teeth and fears on the part of users. In fact, the officials Santa Monica Y San Francisco have temporarily prohibited the use of electric skates due to the present complaints that have been made against the companies.

In the lawsuit, two people were injured by tripping over roller skates left on the sidewalk and four were struck from behind while walking. Although what most catches our attention is that a 7-year-old boy suffered serious damage to his mouth, losing 8 of his teeth. McGee Lerer (counsel for plaintiffs) asserts that these companies profit from the safety of people. And he reiterates that there are more than 75 people who have suffered injuries from electric scooters, including a 67-year-old man with a brain injury.

The companies bird Y lime They say that safety is their priority and from their perspective cars are the real danger when it comes to transportation. A spokesman for bird quoted; “Class action attorneys with a real interest in improving transportation safety should focus on reducing the 40,000 auto-caused deaths each year in the United States.” On the other hand, lime He states that they have been working on new safety features for their scooters and in addition, the company provides helmets with the purchase of their skates.

We still don’t know how this mess will end between the companies and the people who have been injured by electric scooters. However, in several cities its use is being temporarily prohibited until a decision is made. From our point of view, it is a technology that takes care of the environment and offers us transportation, but we should use it consciously. What is your opinion?

Source | Bloomberg