Destiny Review: The Taken King

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I should point out at the outset that I am one of those perverts who liked the stand. I was running, shooting, attaching grenades to people in PvP, to finally leave the game alone and come back only now. Taken King brought a lot of changes …

First of all, the story. An aspect that was trumpeted both at the premiere of the basic version and now. Previously, there were complaints about its lack, and now they notice significant changes. Without getting into unnecessary spoilers, the story begins to make a little more sense. Suddenly we understand something. We see the sense of killing, doing new quests … We can see the light in the tunnel, at the end of which stands the target laughing at all grinders in the base. The whole thing makes a great impression. NPCs suddenly start talking, showing character, joking or being serious in ambiguous situations. We go through a storyline, we watch very cinematic cutscenes, we smile to ourselves and we want more. Earlier, I got the whole level in PvP. Now I want more plot.

The light system has been changed. Now we’re going to level 40 for experience gained from killing monsters, quests, and PvP. Then we enter the “light” phase, improving our equipment. This time, however, the maximum level is 310, and we notice the change even with a minor hardware update. Thus, Bungie gave its child what no MMO can exist without – a feeling of progress. If we do something for ten hours without seeing any progress, we give up. Here, the first 40-50 levels can be dealt with in a few days. Then it starts to go slower and slower, still later it seems as if we are standing still, but we remember how easy it was only a week ago.

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You have already read about PvP in my separate series about the game. Summarizing the details described there, a lot of good has been added. Matchmaking discourages us from playing without equipment, but when we get to a satisfactory level, you can really feel satisfaction. We fly on the walls, throw grenades left and right, shoot rocket launchers, murder with the newest sword … Everyone will find something for themselves. People focused on more tactical entertainment will sit down with two friends and play 3v3, and thoughtless Tomasze will enter Mayhem to destroy everything they come across on their way.

The legendary mark currency and new reputations have also been introduced. Starting at the end, we can earn the respect of different factions or specific individuals. In this way, the game encourages us to visit every place. One NPC expects us to kill Taken, the other gives us a sniper rifle, which we have to test in battle. We unlock new content thanks to the reputation we gain, and at the same time we discover previously unknown locations.
Legendary mark, in turn, is a new currency, without which we can only breathe. Needed for upgrading legends, buying most items … We can get it only from daily and disassembling certain types of equipment. So you have to enter the game every day, which fortunately is not such a chore again. Daily tasks require us to take part in PvP, a random mission and two smaller raids for which we need a little more light.

The gentlemen at Bungie pulled themselves together, hired a whole host of people to read Reddit, and fixed whatever the players were complaining about. Of course, the continuous grind has not changed. The company awaiting the shapely Mrs. Guide with her hand will be disappointed after a few hours. We will continue to have a lot more fun with our friends. Our progress is still based on gentle gear changes. It is the same game all the time, only better.

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In every aspect of The Taken King you can see the intelligence of the team, and they finally started taking this project seriously. Strikes have been added and significantly changed, the story makes a lot more sense, we are constantly being showered with numerous tasks … Destiny has changed in every way, and I look at it with great pleasure. By the way, it’s also a great time for new players. Just go to the store for the Legendary Edition and for the price of any other box version, we get a title that will provide us with fun for dozens of hours.