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Dead or Alive 6 presents its launch trailer

Dead or Alive 6 presents its launch trailer

Ready for combat? Dead or Alive 6 goes on sale today and Team ninja has released this new trailer To celebrate. In it we know more details about the story mode and its characters.

Dead or Alive 6 Launch Trailer

He classic 3D fighting game returns to our consoles stronger than ever. We return to the ring in Dead or Alive 6, and Koei Tecmo With Team ninja they celebrate it through this new launch trailer:

The trailer shows fragments of the story mode and some characters. On the one hand, we will follow Profit, a fugitive ninja who has abandoned her clan and lives in a mountain village. Meanwhile, the chair of the Dead or Alive tournament committee, Helena Douglas, is involved in an accident related to an individual with certain special powers.

The franchise took a break after his last installment in 2012but he’s back with the batteries charged to dish out kicks and punches in the current generation. New abilities, new settings, new characters… A lot of content awaits us in this new Dead or Alive 6. Its roster is made up of 24 playable fighters both for us alone and in multiplayer mode. And, of course, we have available the history mode, which continues the events of Dead or Alive 5.

Starting today, we can purchase the Season Pass 1, which includes two new characters from King of fights (Mai shiranui and another character not announced yet) and new costumes around the wedding theme. The content will arrive little by little until June 2019.

Dead or Alive 6 is now available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Pc.

Did you like the launch trailer? What has caught your attention the most? Leave us your opinion in the comments section.