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Cyanogen is still alive and developing self-driving cars

Cyanogen is still alive and developing self-driving cars

I’m sure the name is familiar to you. Cyanogen Inc.. A company that, for a time, worked in your own Android ROM called Cyanogen OS. What happened to that initial end? Well, the truth is that the team decided to abandon the project a long time ago and focus on other things. To date it is known that the former Cyanogen offices were renamed Andrasta.

Currently we have returned to have clues of the company that failed in the mobile world. Cyngn, his new name, diverts his path and heads to venture into the automotive world with an interesting proposal. Cyanogen works on software for cars autonomous driving. Will this diversion be good for the company?

We have become aware of the new turn of the company for its new website. It is completely renovated and only talks about autonomous cars. In addition, it can be seen that the company has specialized workers in the automotive field. At the same time they have a permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, which they need to test their upcoming market launches.

What is the new Cyanogen team working on software for cars?

The new Cyngn team is made up of people who know the automotive business and have worked with brands such as Mercedes Benz, Baidu, Chinas Mobility Corp and more. Who will be the CEO in this project? The head, or mastermind, is Lior Tal (former COO of the company).

The new twist is no surprise, as Cyanogen had potential and would have to pursue something with a future. All of their services closed and the complications they had at the end of 2016 devastated the company. The disappearance of CyanogenMod caused alternative developers to create the Lineage OS free ROM, a proposal that is working very well.

The new Cyngn will focus on self-driving cars and we will probably have more news from the company in a few months. Do you think that the new approach of this company will suit them? Cyngn has always been working on future projects and it looks like this one has more future than their AOSP based ROM.