Crashlands is updated with the “Quality of Life” patch that includes a better map, new objects and more

Crashlands received the highest grade I have given a game out of the hundreds that have passed through my hands in these past years. It is difficult to give a note like that, but if it deserves it, it is because stand out from the huge number of games that are right now in the Play Store. A title in which science fiction plays a great role, the RPG elements are at the highest level and in which the graphic and technical level borders on the best marks. All this adds up to taking those five stars from Androidsis that it well deserves.

As I said when I made the review, Crashlands not only stands out because of what it already has in its first version, but like Minecraft, its core element allows much content can be added for the next few years. The same happens in other Supercell games such as Hay Day or Clash of Clans. Today we have a good update of Crashlands which has been called “Quality of Life Patch” and that focuses on an improved world map, new objects, new resolution to maximize the screen and other details that I will comment on below. .

The quality of life patch

Butterscotch Shenigans, The Crashlands Development Team, offers a sarcastic tone in each of his videos, updates and video games. Something that is appreciated and that gives it that indy and special tone that manages to add more quality to its entire set. This is noticeable in how they comment on each of the news in this patch called Quality of Life. Let’s move on to its biggest news.

Updated world map

They themselves know that the previous map did not offer all the necessary performance and for this reason they have created it again from scratch so that it can be zoomed in without having to wait for the loading of the different elements that appear in it. Something quite important, since, if one uses the landmarks on the map, there comes a time that can have a lot of information such as areas of special mobs or certain ingredients.

Now you can even activate certain elements on the map so that they do not appear and thus we can focus on the signals that interest us. Is organized by NPCs, locations, signs, pets and teleporters.

Also included are the locations of the NPCs and if they have missions to give you, something almost vital, since to be able to follow each one of them you had to reread the entire mission and test which character is waiting for you to give you the reward or follow it. As you may have read, pets will appear on the map.

New items

Crashlands has 900 objects to now have more of that figure. Eight are the new floors that you can use and they have been called “Gogos” and “Gomos”. Wojack Petalfloor, Warflur Floor, Exofloor, Hairbark Floor, Throak Tentafloor, Bluffluffloor and Strange Floor have also been included

The Gogos & Gomos

They come for if you find yourself tired of walking so much when going from one place to another. You create a set of Gogos or Gomos and place them on the ground of your base or another site. You stand on the Gogos or Gomos and it will take care of moving you to the destination. A great idea for a game where exploration is vital and scrolling can be tiring.

It is as in the corridors of the airports where you scroll on a treadmill to go faster.

Pot Slapper

Those who have entire farms to collect the ingredients necessary to create all that large number of objects, surely you will get tired when collecting those plants.

Now you can create a pot slapper and place it in the center of a group of potted plants. You press it, and it will take care of collecting them.

Pot Slapper Beamer

But now if you want to create even automate that collection process, Pot Slapper Beamer appears. With this object you can interact with those Pot Slappers created so that, with a simple press, you can activate several at the same time that they will collect all those pots. It couldn’t be easier.

Quote that the Beamer will only be in charge of automating the process with Pot Slapers visible onscreen.

The new floors

To give more customization to your base, they have been included a quantity of eight new soils or platforms to create your own space home and stand out from other players.

The other details

Crashland includes a good set of small novelties such as the color blind mode and that appropriately changes the colors related to combat and some elements.

Notable is the new option in settings to adjust the scale of the interface for those who have a tablet or a device with larger dimensions on the screen. This includes a new resolution: UBERMAX HD (1920 x 1080). This resolution will require a lot of hardware, so be careful.

Added option to move toolbar, you can scroll left or right; tips for recipes, so that when you click on an object in the cookbook to display its name and description; and an improved settings page, with options for resolution, toolbar position, and more.

Finally, a detail for when you die, since now your destination point will be added automatically where your tombstone is so you can get back quickly.

A large patch showing the large capacity that this video game has to innovate. Now we will wait for those future expansions that put us before a better Crashlands.