Crash Bandicoot will guest star on Skylanders Imaginators

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Crash Bandicoot is making a comeback! and Activision are pleased to announce that the famous hero will make a guest appearance inSkylanders Imaginators. As revealed at the Sony Interactive Entertainment press conference at E3, Crash Bandicoot will retain its unique personality as both a fully playable hero, the Skylander Sensei, and a new toy in Skylanders Imaginators.

At the press conference, it was also announced that Activision plans to release refreshed versions of the first three games with Crash – Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot: Warped on PlayStation 4. The premiere is scheduled for 2017.

“We’ve been asked for years when Crash is coming back, and today we can finally give a concrete answer.” Activision has set out to celebrate the iconic hero’s 20th birthday by reminding him in a way that will please both seasoned and newcomers alike – We can’t wait for players to start using Crash’s unique style and character in the epic battle against Kaos in Skylanders Imaginators. And next year, we will return to this character again in refreshed versions of three iconic games.

– commented Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, Inc.

In Skylanders Imaginators Activision honors the popular ’90s video game hero in a fun new way. No Crash game would be complete without jumping over dynamite boxes to blow them up or collecting bazooka boxes to get a rocket launcher. This wacky jamraj comes with a full set of moves and upgrades, the basis of which is still his favorite spin attack. Crash fans will see many references to his past, including countdown timers, Wumpa fruit, air strike using a jetpack, and more.

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As a representative of a new hero class in Skylanders Imaginators – Sensei – Crash will combine elements adored by fans of the new class of heroes – Sensei. In Skylanders Imaginators each Sensei has a devastating Sky-Chi attack – this is their most powerful ability. Crash’s attack uses a yo-yo to pull enemies into swing attack range!

The role of Crash will be reprized by Jess Harnell, thanks to which Skylanders Imaginators will stay true to the game the fans know and love. These are only some of the flavors preserved in Skylanders Imaginators!

Skylanders Imaginators allows players to let their imagination run wild and create their own Skylanders. Portal Masters will have a lot of possibilities at their disposal – they will decide about the appearance, powers, abilities, names, taunts and musical motives of the characters – thanks to which they will create the Skylanders of their dreams.

The wicked Kaos seeks to seize power over the Skylands with the help of an unstoppable army of Doomlanders. Only Portal Masters can defeat him, using their imaginations and creating their own Skylanders – Imaginators. Fighting side by side with the Imaginators are Sensei, mighty, mysterious warriors who have learned the secrets of ancient fighting styles.

In Skylanders Imaginators the wormhole has opened and the great Aku Aku has emerged! He has come to announce a holiday of synchronization which takes place every twenty years. All worlds then arrange themselves in perfect order. There is a huge party on the Wumpa Islands to which all Skylanders are invited. Unfortunately, Kaos and his army of Doomlanders are trying to take over the Skylands, so the Skylanders must work to thwart his evil plans. The fearless redhead, Crash Bandicoot, jumps into the wormhole to help the Skylanders fight Kaos!
Game Skylanders Imaginatorscreated by Toys For Bob, is compatible with all Skylanders from the previous parts (there are over 300 of them) and will go on sale on October 14, 2016. On the day of release basic package Skylanders Imaginatorsz with Crash Bandicoot will only be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The Crash figure will be compatible with all platforms.

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Edition Skylanders Imaginators with Crash includes a Crash Bandicoot figure, Standard Basic Character Pack, Creation Crystal, Portal of Power, the full game and more.

Activision games can be ordered, among others in a special zone in the store.

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