Could Google block Chinese brands like Xiaomi or OnePlus?

Huawei has been the great protagonist of the last 24 hours. The Chinese brand runs out of Android updates, due to a decree signed by Donald Trump in the United States. A situation that generates a lot of uncertainty for all users who have a brand phone, although there are certain aspects about which we already have information. The doubt that many have is if other Chinese brands like Xiaomi or OnePlus will be next.

Donald Trump clearly has problems with China, with whom he has been involved in a trade war for months. This decree, which currently affects Huawei (among other companies), is seen as an attack on the country. For this reason, many fear that brands such as Xiaomi or OnePlus will soon be affected and blocked by Google.

In Huawei’s case, the company already knew this was something to come. Because months ago they confirmed having their own operating system ready to be used. A system that could arrive with the name Kirin OS, and of which there are already certain rumors. They are expected to start using it on their smartphones this year.

The Trump Administration has a fight against the technology that comes from China. We have seen it with ZTE, which suffered an embargo from the United States for months last year. Huawei is another company with which the country has had problems. Now, for a few months they have been accused of espionage. So these two companies are on a kind of blacklist. Something that other brands like Xiaomi or OnePlus do not suffer from, at least for now.

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Brands like Xiaomi are in a different situation. For one thing, they don’t sell their phones in the US, although there have been rumors about their possible plans. Furthermore, unlike companies such as Huawei, they do not have any presence in the communications network installation and maintenance segment. This is something that is especially sensitive in the case of America, which is why Huawei or ZTE have encountered so many problems. But that in the case of other brands such as OnePlus and OPPO, it should not be a problem.

The segment of the installation and maintenance of communications networks is the one that the government of Donald Trump sees as the most susceptible to espionage. That is why the companies that have a presence in these activities are encountering so many problems in the United States. Also in Europe, as has been the case with Huawei with the deployment of 5G. Currently there are countries that are investigating the company, which could prevent them from working on the deployment of these networks on the continent, or at least within the EU countries.

For this reason, at the moment it seems unlikely that brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO or OnePlus will go through the situation that currently affects Huawei. So your phones can continue to have access to Android updates, and continue to use Google Play or Google applications as normal on the phone without any problem. Although there will be users who remain concerned in this regard. Especially since Donald Trump stands out for being quite unpredictable and changeable in his opinions.

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Keep in mind that they could go through the same thing if Donald Trump decides to include them on his blacklist, along with other companies that are seen as a danger to the country’s national security. But it is not something that seems to happen at the moment. Although if it happens, none of them could use Google products or services, but neither could Qualcomm processors. Something serious, because brands like Xiaomi always use processors from the firm in their phones. Although this situation seems unlikely at present. We will see how it evolves in the coming weeks and if there are important news in it. What do you think in this regard?