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“Cookidoo” recipe portal: What does it cost?

“Cookidoo” recipe portal: What does it cost?

“Cookidoo” – this is what the manufacturer Vorwerk calls the portal on which recipes for the Thermomix are made available. What the feature should cost is broken down here.

The “Cookidoo” subscription is an optional addition to the Thermomix.

There are many recipe portals. But with “Cookidoo” you can plan your dishes in advance for the entire week, create lists and mark your favorite recipes as favorites. You can always use the app to prepare the tastiest recipes with your Thermomix. You now always have your personal recipe selection ready wherever you are.

Recipe selection by subscription

There are four different ways to enjoy the Thermomix recipes. Three of these options require a subscription. These subscriptions are concluded by registering free of charge at www.cookidoo.de.

Overview of the different subscription alternatives

There are three different subscriptions that are offered to interested parties and that differ in terms of their duration.1. “Trial subscription” A 30-day trial access is activated by registering on the website free of charge. During this time there is unrestricted access to the recipe portal.2. Trial subscription for six months in connection with the “Cook-Key”With the purchase of the additional module “Cook-Key” you always receive a free possibility to use the Cookidoo platform. To do this, activate the Cook-Key and in future you can simply transfer your recipes from the portal to the Thermomix via WLAN. This subscription then changes into an annual subscription with a cost of 36 euros per year.3rd annual subscriptionYou take out the annual subscription if you already have a Cook-Key and are convinced of the “Cookidoo” portal. The subscription costs 36 euros a year with no other hidden costs.

Buy recipes without a subscription

Of course, Vorwerk also offers you the opportunity to purchase the so-called “recipe chips” and cookbooks individually at individual prices on the website.