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Career mode in OlliOlli

Career mode in OlliOlli

When we first saw OlliOlli at E3, the game was in a very early stage of development. Today we have more information about it.

Career helps you unlock both Spots and Rad modes and prepare to do-or-die – risk it all. In the most important mode for this title, we will visit as many as 50 levels divided into 5 scenes.

Each board is divided into “Amateur” and “Pro” options to help newbies improve their skills. Additionally, there are five challenges in each location. One based on your overall score. The second one on the combo we’ve loaded. The next three are for collectibles or tasks such as “Don’t grind for the first 300 meters”. If someone is good, they will complete the whole series of challenges on the first try.

What will the achievement of all goals give us? Well, first we have the Amateur level. After doing what we are told to do in it, we get access to Pro Mode. If you become a Pros, another 125 exercises await you. After completing them, Rad Mode is unlocked – the most difficult game mode. Below I am presenting a production trailer, gameplay and a small gallery.