Call of Duty Mobile removes Zombies game mode on March 25

Call of Duty Mobile has quickly become one of the biggest mobile phone games since its launch late last year. It has also been constantly developed and we’ve seen the addition of classic Call of Duty console game modes, including the ever-present Zombies.

If you were enjoying taking down hordes of undead zombies, then be prepared to say goodbye for at least a while, as Survival Mode is set to disappear in the next update, scheduled for March 25. The developers confirmed in a community post on Reddit that the gameplay was simply not up to their own standards, hence the removal.

One of the most frequently asked questions in these updates is “what about ZOMBIES mode?” Today after extensive evaluation we are sharing that ZOMBIES Mode will be removed on March 25th.

The good news is that the developers haven’t completely closed the door to bring Zombies mode back to the mobile version of Call of Duty in a future release.

We had always mentioned that it was limited but without an explicit end date. We wanted to see the reception, see the feedback, and see how we can potentially shape the mode for the future. However, the mode did not reach the level of quality that we wanted. The second map, Nacht Der Untoten, is also not available in the global version.

We can bring the mode back, with Nacht Der Untoten, once we make sure it is of sufficient quality, but for now we will focus on development for Multiplayer, Battle Royale and Ranked.