Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Its multiplayer will be free this weekend on Steam

The controversial delivery of the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare open the doors of your multiplayer in a free to users of Steam, during this weekend. In this way, players who have not yet tried this online space will have the opportunity to do so from today until next time. 26 of February.

Infinite Warfare tries to increase its number of players with this initiative.

The progress made in the multiplayer during these days will be saved for those users who finally acquire the game. In addition, there will be no level limit and you can use all the futuristic modes and weapons of this Infinite Warfare. Those who are interested in the new franchise title Call of Duty. They can also do it with a 50% off that Steam is offering in its standard edition. On the other hand, the edition “Digital Legacy” has a discount of 33%.

So you have no excuse to travel into space, even for a limited time. And see first-hand if being in zero gravity is to your liking.