Buy the Xiaomi Yi 4K for 230 euros

A couple of days ago Xiaomi confirmed the leak of the Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera. This new Xiaomi camera aims replace the GoPro Hero 4 but, unlike what many of us believed, this time Xiaomi will make both a leap in quality and a leap in price, or so it seems.

Although we believed that such a camera would be a great success in the market if it did not cost more than 150 euros, the truth is that the price is not completely clear and we can find it for book on Banggood for 268 euros (the maximum price at which it could be bought) while in GearBest found it for 230 euros. It may seem like a high price but this Yi 4K is better than any of the action cameras we find on the market and even though the Go Pro 4 Black Edition has a great reputation, this one would cost half as much and that is a lot of price difference . The camera can be found on both portals with free shipping.

Why buy the Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera?

There are several reasons to get a Xiaomi Yi 2 WiFi 4K and the main ones are its features:

  • Sensor Sony IMX377 12.35MP, faster than the previous IMX206 and with the possibility of recording in 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps and 720p at 240fps. The lens has 7 optical layers and an f/2.8.
  • The camera integrates a 2.19-inch rear touch screen that can be used without having the submersible housing on.
  • Your battery, 1400mAh, it is capable of recording 110 minutes in 4K at 30 fps while with its use in other modes it could be used up to 8 hours in a row.
  • It has WiFi but this time it integrates Wi-Fi AC Dual band for better speed.
  • Your processor, Ambarella A9SE75, is the same as the Go Pro Hero 4.

In addition to this, you should know that Xiaomi Yi has a new version of its mobile application that works really well, compatible with Android and iOS without any problem. If you want to get the camera and take advantage of the current price (in case it goes up) you just have to buy it through one of the following buttons.

Do not worry, if the price drops you can cancel the purchase and return to make a new purchase at no charge. We believe that the price could go down, but you will find the best option at GearBest and with the best guarantees. Yes indeed, the Yi Cam 1 is still a perfect option.