Buy, sell and exchange real estate in Landlord GO with its Monopoly-style augmented reality

Landlord GO is an augmented reality game in which you will be able to buy, sell and exchange real estate to become a property tycoon. You can have real estate on your property based on geolocation.

That is, you can buy the Santiago Bernabeú, get the Tower of Pisa or even buy the market of your town whenever it is available when you activate the GPS. An interesting game that will allow you to buy goods until you get hold of an entire city or, why not, the whole world. Go for it.

Acquire real estate and invest with the earnings

Landlord GO takes us to a game in which thanks to geolocation we will find the real map of our city or town to find those locations that we are going to be able to acquire with virtual money.

These purchases will allow you to collect daily benefits in order to continue buying until our capital rises to acquire properties of greater prestige and cost. In other words, you are going to be able to even get hold of some properties on the Golden Mile in Madrid, such as Calle Serrano, and thus dispute it with other players.

That is, you have in your hand the power to go acquiring lots and real estate to make you enormously rich; yes, always with virtual money that you can buy by pulling the debit card if you don’t want to leave other players with those well-known establishments in your area.

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Buy real estate in any world capital in Landlord GO

The thing is that, apart from being able to acquire real estate in your area, you can also do it anywhere on the planet. In other words, what are you going to be able to get hold of an area of ​​Paris if you wishor go to New Zealand to buy some extension that Frodo passed through from The Lord of the Rings.

Being an Augmented Reality game, you have to include that every time a player checks in on your property you will earn money without having to do anything. In other words, your properties, apart from generating a sum from time to time, also generate more benefits for the players who pass through that area.

So we recommend that you the moment you generate profits, go to the most important streets of your city, since there will be players who pass by and give you benefits simply by walking through areas where you are; yes, Monopoly.


Landlord GO also includes real estate auctions so that any player can acquire them. Then we have the skills that we can improve so that the expenses generated by a property are not so high or so many others that will allow us to move forward more quickly. Although the best thing is to bet on those high-priced real estate in order to fight for them and become a property tycoon.

Visually it is a very normal game, although their menus have been cured so that we can easily move around them. We don’t like the protagonist avatar at all, although it doesn’t look too bad for the game’s own objective either. Landlord GO is completely dedicated to recreating that map and it really doesn’t do bad at all. Much better than Upland, a similar game that is far from us because of how slow it is to acquire properties and money.

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Landlord GO is a kind of augmented reality Monopoly in which we are going to be able to get many properties as if we were those who are capable of raising the price of land to earn a lot of money. Now you can feel it in your flesh with a free game. You’re already late.

Editor’s opinion

Simple and with a bit of tenacity you can get hold of land to earn money. Very Monopoly with the «Check ins» of other players.

Punctuation: 6.5

The best

  • It has a good base to grow
  • Power buys real estate in major cities
  • Includes bag to go up or down the values


  • You can’t buy active agents without anything other than money

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