Borderlands Challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale (Season 10)

The worlds of Borderlands and Fortnite They have come together thanks to the mysterious rifts that populate the world of Epic Games’ battle royale. The union brought Fortnite users new skins, cosmetic items, the new area on the Pandora map, and… Challenges! We have sent our special agent, The man with a thousand skins, to locate the mission objectives. Now that we have them, we offer you the challenges and locations to solve them. Go for it!

Borderlands and Fortnite team up to create the #FortniteXMayhem event

Borderlands Challenges

Borderlands challenges came along with the rest of cosmetic items and map changes. We are not facing a series of challenges that are too complicated, but you certainly need to look for certain elements in some of them. And that’s what we are here for! We will show you what are the challenges and we will point out on the map the points to which you must go to complete the different missions.

  • Get 10 money from chests and opponents on Pandora.
  • Eliminate 3 opponents on Pandora.
  • Register 7 chests in Pandora.
  • Find Claptrap’s eye and return it to him.
  • Get 500 Shield on Pandora.
  • Look for 3 different camera symbols.
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It should be noted that all the locations of the missions are located in Pandora or its surroundings, the new location in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Find Claptrap’s eye and return it to him

In this mission we will have to help the good old Claptrap to find his eye, a nod to an early Borderlands 2 mission. Borderlands takes a bit more time, but in Fortnite it’s easier. In PureGaming we already find the Claptrap eye in Borderlands, so we know exactly where the cute robot left it this time. Claptrap’s hand points to the spot. It is located exactly inside a house, between a television and an armchair.

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Look for 3 different camera symbols

Now we will have to search 3 different camera symbols from Borderlands 3. In the image that we share below we show you what the symbol is and the locations where you can find it.


These are the Borderlands missions in Fortnite: Battle Royale! What do you think of the missions? Have you already completed them? Tell us in comments.