Better than Netflix and totally free! Plusde available in the Google Play Store

In this new post I am going to recommend you a sensational application for Android, an application to view streaming content or download it directly to our Android terminals, an application that is a real blast since it is much better than Netflix and it’s totally free.

An application that, as I say and at least for now, is available for direct download through Google’s Plav Store, although it also has web version so you can use it and watch streaming content from any web browserfrom any operating system just by logging in with your user account.

The application in question is called Plusdede and it is an alternative now that masdede does not workyou can register directly on your website and be able to use it from any web browser from this same link or download it to use it in a more comfortable way as an Android application with a very, very intuitive and interesting interface that allows us a lot of functionalities and options for configuration and visualization of the content shared on Plusdede.

Download Plusdede for free from the Google Play Store

Everything that Plusdede offers us

Plusdede offers us a modern, intuitive and elaborate application from which, in addition to being able to watch streaming content or download directly to our Androids, it also allows us to watch live content such as sporting events,

In addition to this, we can also watch streaming content such as movies and series completely free of charge, all seasons of series as popular as Narcos, Game of thrones, Mr Robot, Castle, Gotham, Murder, Breaking Bad, Orange is the new black, Sons of anarchy, Riverdale, Absentia and many more or movies like The dark tower, Jhon Wick 2, First Kill, The invisible guardian, Vaiana, Don’t breathe, Hacker, The complete Saw saga, Life sentence and endless titles of interest, novelties and successes of all time.

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The application interface has a comfortable and useful side slider bar in the purest Material Design style from which we can control the series and movies that we are followingit also allows us to create lists or schedule events in the app’s internal calendar so that we don’t miss that episode of our favorite series or a sporting event of our interest.

And that is another of the great functions of the application since It also broadcasts live content, although that is only from the web version of the app.or what is the same from the official website of Plusdede entering with our access credentials, that is, with our username and password.

Another thing that should be noted about the official application of Plusdede, an application that is much better than Netflix and totally freeis that offers full support for Google’s Chromecast and the sending of the screen at a quality that has really impressed me, and that is that in addition to the fact that you can see that you can freak out well, the transmission is not cut at any time or hits any type of pull even in low connections quality like the one I have at home, which is an adsl that barely reaches 5 Mbs of data download.

Although all this does not end there, and it is that we can also filter the content of the appwhether series or movies by gender, most views or newswe are also offered two special sections, accessible from the sliding sidebar where we can save our favorite series and movies and the ones we are following at that moment.

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We also have a download area which is where the content that we decide to download to watch at another time without the need for a network connection ends up, and a start area where you can find the next chapter of the series that we are watching.

For all this that I have explained to you and for how well the Android app works, today, Saturday in the middle of the weekend and after eleven at night in Spain, I am writing this article to recommend the one that until now and after to be using it all day long, it is for me the best free application to watch free series and movies in streaming or download them equally for free at a very, very good quality.

Much better than Netflix and completely free!!

If you could not download the application officially from the Google Play Store, or because it has already been removed or because it is not available for your country, then I advise you to visit the Androidsis community on Telegram since from there you will can download the original application without any manipulationan app that has integrated advertisements that make us wait 10 seconds before watching an episode of our favorite series or movie, an advertisement that, although sometimes it is somewhat annoying, is a reasonable payment to be able to enjoy all the content that we are offered offers totally free.