Be careful with the MWC 2016 application, it uses a lot of battery

If you are going to the MWC you have probably downloaded the application that the MWC team has created so that you can find out the calendar, all the events, appointments, meet people, etc. I had thought the title of the MWC App is **** but in the end I had to cut myself a little, it is not that it is either. Or if?

Now, yesterday the Galaxy S6 warned me that an application was using too much battery and it is that without having opened it all day the MWC 2016 application for Android had used 2% of battery in the terminal (a very high consumption for a background application). Upon realizing I have chosen to enable Doze mode for this application on the Galaxy S6 but today I have rechecked the battery consumption of the application and it is still 2%. What about this app? Does it also use up so much battery for you?

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Be careful with the MWC 2016 application, it uses a lot of battery

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It is a pity that an application of the most important telephony event in the world make this consumption and if you are here you will surely attend the MWC and be a professional blogger or a press outlet since the usual public cannot attend an event like this due to the high price of tickets.

MWC 2016 is the event where you will see everything that will come out during 2016. It is true that some phones, tablets and products will be left out of the fair and will be reserved for the 2016 IFA or some events away from this fair but the great Most will be seen here and the trends to follow in 2016 will generally be marked by this event. What we will do will be follow him very closely to see what happens there and what we can tell you about the mobile trends to follow in 2016.

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We will be there and we will try to cover it as best as possible but if you have doubts or want to know something, you already know that Through our Facebook or our Twitter you can be in direct contact with us and find out everything that happens there. We can go to points of your interest and see for you what we think of X terminal or what mobile phones a specific brand is going to get. Do not miss it, on the 22nd of this month the MWC begins and it will be a lot of fun.