Be careful with Booking, it is canceling many reservations for the Champions Final

Whether you are from Madrid or Atleti, you already know that the May 28 in Milan will take place Champions League Final. And it is that there are many football fans (myself included) who want to go to Milan to enjoy the Champions League Final, however, many users who had booked the hotel months ago on Booking, have been left without a reservation without any explanation, and they have seen that they now sell their same reservation up to 6 times more expensive. It is clear that Booking has taken advantage of the Final to raise prices (and their hotels respectively).

Booking cancels reservations for the Champions League Final

Many tweets like this have been seen on Twitter mentioning @bookingcom, for having canceled many reservations without explanation. The worst thing is that these users checked if the hotel was really still available and it did, but going from costing 110 euros a night to 600 euros in the case of this boy, Miguel Ángel Peris.

Tweets like this have been seen many, and for now Booking continues without giving explanations to users. One or another claimed that it was canceled due to problems with their cards, when the cards worked perfectly (but they made up that excuse).

It is a real scandal! Because there are many who have already booked their flight or train for months, who now face paying 6 times more for the same room that they already had reserved. And what do they do now? Do they pay 6 times more for the same or cancel the plane losing the money? It seems that the only solution is to report it, because Booking cannot cancel a reservation that you already had and that you now find costing 6 times more.

The solution: report

It seems that the solution is to report, since Booking is more than an intermediary, it is the one who takes care of these things if problems occur. We would have to make aamount claim«, with which we should recover the extra money that we have to spend due to the cancellation (we do not know if it refers to the money of the lost plane or the expenses of booking the same hotel again…). The problem is that being outside of Spain, it gets complicated. We will continue to investigate the matter in order to give you more information if you are one of those affected.

This has happened to many, there are hundreds of published tweets complaining that their reservation has been canceled. And it is clear that it is a fraud to take advantage of the Day of the Champions Final, a day when thousands of spectators will be there cheering, and if they want to go and are going to pay hundreds of euros for the ticket (or even more than 1,000 on resale), they can surely pay 6 times more for the night of the hotel. An embarrassment for the fans and for anyone.


Booking has contacted us: they confirm that they have already contacted all customers affected by the incident, and are working to resolve the problem with the greatest possible satisfaction for both parties. They further state that the responsible for cancellations are the hotels, not Booking. The company itself is investigating what has happened to those hotels. If you are one of the affected customers, please contact Booking at Customer Service.