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Backstage footage of Mortal Kombat

Backstage footage of Mortal Kombat

This year’s Mortal Kombat movie is sure to be full of brutal combat. Before everyone can see it at home or on the big screen, we have just received new material for review. It shows what working behind the scenes looks like. There is no shortage of Sub-Zero and Scorpion in action, as well as other characters such as Kano and Sonya Blade. There was also a comment by the director himself Simon McQuoidwhich shares some insights about filming the fights and the work that went into them.

The material comes from GameSpot and you can see it below. When McQuoid walked in to talk about the movie, discussed the idea of ​​taking the characters to a level they had never been before.

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– GameSpot (@GameSpot) April 14, 2021

Throughout the Mortal Kombat movie, McQuoid commends the work of several actors. Lewis Tanwho is playing Cole Young, Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero and Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion. It was their effort during the shooting of the fight scenes that was most appreciated. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise as these three characters will create something on the big screen that we will never forget.

“I knew Joe was going to be Sub-Zero from day one,” McQuoid said of Taslim’s performance. “Joe has that clean, athletic character.”

McQuoid says Taslim was “faster than everyone else” when it comes to filming the fight scenes in the film. Mehcad Brooksthe actor who plays Jax, confirmed this statement. During filming, he added, they had to ask Taslim to slow down a bit.

We have seen several other such reports in the past. Their number will probably increase in the coming days. Mortal Kombat has already been released in some areas overseas. This means that reactions, reviews and undoubtedly spoilers have started to appear on the Internet.

Mortal Kombat will debut in theaters and HBO Max April 23

source: comicbook.com