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Are you an architecture student? Then you need these apps

Are you an architecture student? Then you need these apps

If you are an architecture student and want to have an efficient phone for your career, these applications will surely help you. They are created specifically for this type of work, and they facilitate many things. We may even have design ideas, and save allor also open construction program documents quickly.

They are very efficient, and you will probably stick with some of them for a long time. Next, we will show you the best architecture applications that a student can have.


Obviously, this program cannot be put aside. Is one of the most used to transcribe plans, and perform 3D surveys of buildings. Only on mobile, it will be a little different, as it will not have all the functions that it can have on a computer.

It is mostly used only for open dwg documents on the phone, and measure distances. If we want to modify or create something, they must be very simple things, and we will also need a premium account. It should be noted that it is highly recommended for use on a tablet.

autodesk sketchbook

From the same Autodesk company comes Sketchbook, an excellent application with sketching tools. It is very easy to use, and we can do many things quickly. We will have the ability to create everything from furniture to 3D house facades.

Floor Plan Creator

If you have an idea for the design of a space, and you want to see how it looks, Floor Plan Creator is the right application for you. Although it is not so easy to use, many things can be createdsuch as: living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and others.

When you finish designing the spaces separately, they can be joined and form a complete house.

Planner 5D – Interior Design

It is one of the best for its minimalist and practical design, anyone can create a house in a few minutes. Easily outperforms the other applications mentioned, since at the time of making a full 2D planwe can see it in 3D, and even in 5D 360 °.

It’s incredible, because if your mobile It has the 5D function (virtual reality), you will be able to enter and explore every detail of the project you have done. It should be noted that for now only straight walls can be created, and to get all the functions you have to be a premium user.

However, it is still highly recommended for those who want to see in depth how a design would look.

Crown Architecture

Finally, we have left the Crown Architecture, since it actually not good for designing houses, but then what is it for? It is important that a student is aware of the events that happen in relation to her career. For that reason, we have recommended this application, since it is responsible for informing and sharing the most striking projects that are happening today.

Also, we will have more knowledge of contemporary architecture. Although sometimes, this network shares information about well-known old buildings.

Which of these apps did you like the most?