Arcadium 2 is a very addictive new shoot ’em up that is excellent in all its forms

Arcadium 2 is possibly one of the best games to hit the Play Store this week. on Android. A pure Archero-style shoot em’ up in which we have to acquire skills as we pass waves of enemy ships and dangerous asteroids that move all over the screen.

An game with an exquisite touch in the visuals with that pixel art and a very well chosen color palette to generate a very arcade visual experience of those that we like on our mobiles. Let’s do it with a game that is a surprise not only for its mechanics, but for everything you can unlock such as ships, pets and more.

Choose skills carefully

arcade 2 it takes us to control our ship through a screen from which we cannot leave, but in which numerous enemy ships enter via wave after wave. We move the ship with the control stick, and it is responsible for automatically shooting those ships.

Every two or three levels we will have to choose new skills that we will incorporate our ship to make it more powerful; similar to Archero and those clones that have been coming out, and of which we sent you the best Archero type days ago.

And the truth is that it has its pull because we are turning our ship into one that fits our tastes when playing a game of this style. That customization capacity we can then take to the ships that we can acquire, pets or even improve weapons capabilities.

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Variety of enemies and final bosses in Arcadium 2

That is, what we have in our hand a great variety of “talents” that we can add to configure our combat style. Either by seeking a higher rate of fire or causing special effects in our shots so that when they finish off an enemy they become multiple shots. This makes Arcadium 2 a game to take into account.

Then we also have the variety of enemies and final bosses that enrich the experience so that even without being able to move from the screen, and without having landscapes or environments, we almost ignore it with that visual richness with all kinds of ships.

Our objective is hold on as long as we can until they knock us out, finish the game and let’s move on to unlock powerful skills, improve our ship, acquire another if we have enough gold coins or even buy pets. Oh, and let’s not forget that we have 3 life points and that we can increase with skills or even in combat when they fall from destroyed enemy ships.

Optimize your attack scheme well

The Arcadium 2 difficulty curve rises with few levels or waves, so think carefully about the skills that you are going to incorporate into your ship. We say this because it will be easier to obtain coins and thus progress more quickly in a game that you are going to have weeks and weeks on your mobile, thanks to the achievements, tables and even a gem transformer to give greater depth to the game itself.

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Arcadium 2 is an arcade shooter that has a lot, and a lot, behind what it can teach you in the first game. A pixel art carried out in an exquisite way, visual richness with different ships and bosses of many colors, and a great variety of effects and all kinds of abilities so that at certain moments a whole “fireworks” show is generated on the screen of your mobile.

An arcade called Arcadium 2 that you have for free in the Play Store with micropayments and as one of the best arrivals in recent weeks on Android. Now don’t delay to try it.

Editor’s opinion

An exquisite arcade in all its forms and that allows you to recreate your combat style with those talents that we are choosing. Variety of enemies and an old-fashioned shooter that hooks.

Punctuation: 7.3

The best

  • Addictive from the first second
  • His ability to create our own style of combat
  • Visual richness with pixel art and that color that runs through the entire screen with ships, asteroids, bosses…
  • Variety of schemes and mechanics of the ships that attack us to keep us attentive
  • A lot of content to unlock, improve…


  • It is not translated into Spanish

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