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Apps to watch free horror movies on Halloween

Apps to watch free horror movies on Halloween

Halloween is approaching now, and on a date like this, it is very appropriate to see the best horror movies. This is something that we can do thanks to a wide selection of applications in which we find the best cinema. For this reason, below we will talk about these applications in which you can watch horror movies for free. Thus, you will enjoy the best movies for such an important date as the most terrifying day of the year.

All these applications that we will talk about below, you can download them for free on your Android phone or tablet. In this way, thanks to them you can have access to these films on the occasion of the celebration of Halloween. Ready to meet them?


We start with what we can consider one of the best applications that we find to be able to watch movies for free on Android. This is PelisDroid, which was completely updated a while ago with many new features, which Francisco showed you in detail. One of its advantages is that it gives us the possibility to watch streaming movies on Android, using Chromecast or we can download them if we want.

The application gives us access to a huge number of channels (providers), where we have a large selection of horror movies, perfect for this Halloween. In addition, in them we frequently meet the latest news arriving in international cinema. So you can see all the horror classics, as well as the most recent movies in this genre. Without a doubt, a perfect application to watch movies on Android.

If you are interested in the application, we can download the APK of it very easily, entering this link. This is the new version of the app, which comes under the name Pelisdroid. Thanks to it you can enjoy all the advantages it offers us and thus enjoy the best horror movies. If it is the first time that you download an APK, we have to go to the Android settings and enter the security section and click on the unknown sources option, so that you give permission to install APKs on your device.


Not only can we see the best movies on the occasion of Halloween 2018, we also have a lot of tv series in this horror genre. Therefore, we need a good Android application in which to have access to them. For this, we have the best option in this case, which is SeriesDroid. In it we find a huge number of series available.

It is probably the most complete application of this type there is, as Francisco already showed in his analysis of it. Thanks to it, we have access to a multitude of pages that are dedicated exclusively to sharing files from a large number of series. We are going to find national and international television series in the application. So we will have access to a large amount of content.

SeriesDroid gives us the possibility to see this content for free in direct streaming. But, in case we prefer, we can download these files. This way we can watch these series whenever we want, without the need for an Internet connection, which means savings in phone consumption. Without a doubt, a good option to choose what suits us best at all times.

If you are interested in downloading the application, we can access your APK on the app’s own website. You can access it at this link. There you can click on the APK download link and then install it on your Android phone.


A little over a week ago Francisco told us about this application that comes to replace PlusDeDe. This new app will respect the accounts that users had in PlusDeDein addition to the content that they had saved or marked as favorites, which is surely a relief for many of those who use this app on Android.

The good thing is that the design and the functionalities that they present do not change too much compared to PlusDeDe, so it will be easy to use. We will do everything with the menu located on the side of the screen. All the content that we had saved is maintained and we will be able to access a lot of new content in it, including a multitude of horror series and movies, with which to spend this Halloween.

In the application we have support for Chromecast, which will allow us to view the content on our television with total comfort. A good option, which I’m sure many of you already know or use, and which stands out for its huge catalog of content. So it will be very easy for you to find series or movies of your liking. And all for free. You can download the APK of MegaDeDe at this link.

Magnet Movies

This name surely sounds familiar to you, since it is a Spanish version of Popcorn, which is another very popular streaming movie service. Pelis Magnet is a great option in which being able to watch series and movies for free and easily on our Android phone. Thanks to it we can access series and movies in Spanish.

We will not have to search for the version in the correct language or accent for us. Thanks to this app, all the contents in it are always in Spanish. Something that will make our work much easier when we are looking for horror movies or series for this Halloween. In addition, in it we find an extensive catalog, which is updated daily with new content. There are more than 6,000 movies available in it. So we won’t get bored.

Another point to note is that allows us to customize certain aspects of its interface, which makes the use of it much more comfortable for us at all times. We can see streaming content on the phone, although it also has support for Google Chromecast, so that we can watch it on our television and thus enjoy it on a large screen.

Interested in this app? You can download the APK at this link. And so start enjoying the best horror series and movies (in addition to many other genres) in it.


Another great option surely known by many of the users on Android. An application in which you can watch a huge number of series and movies for free. In its contents we find many different genres, so it will be easy to find movies to watch this Halloween in it.

A quality option, which our colleague Francisco has already told you about before. Thanks to MasDeDe.com, we will be able to watch movies and series on demand or download them to our phone, without the need for a paid subscription. What’s more, the application has compatibility with Google Chromecast, so that we will be able to see all the contents on our television with total comfort. If you have Android TV you can also synchronize them and watch them on it.

The amount of content is vast. and the application interface is very convenient to use. It is a design that facilitates user navigation at all times, which undoubtedly makes it really easy to access the content that interests us. Interested in this app? You can download the APK of it at the following link.

tv tubi

Are you looking to be able to watch movies for free and that it is legal? Then we have this application available for you. This is TV Tubi. An app in which we meet films and documentaries that do not have copyright. This means that their distribution is possible, so that we can see them in this Android application. Franciso already told you about it some time ago in an analysis of it.

It is not an application designed to show the main movie premieres, but rather we find alternative content, not very commercial and in other languages. But this makes it a very interesting application, because we have access to various genres that can be very interesting. There is also some perfect movie for Halloween in it.

The application interface is really simple and comfortable to use, similar to that of other streaming platforms, something that will make its use more familiar to you. It also has support for Google Chromecast, which will allow us to see this content on our television screen, which will be much more comfortable for us. The contents are consumed at all times in streaming in this application. We can use both WiFi and mobile data when playing them on Android.

Being a completely legal alternative, we can download it from the Play Store itself in a simple way. The application is completely free, although we have ads inside it. You can download it below: