Apocalypse: Owners of Universe as a shooter where the action will not stop and will be very frenetic

We have a few third-person shooters on Android that can delight many players around the world. A game from a mobile device that is getting even the great Nintendo to land with several games for next year due to the importance of this platform that allows us to enjoy a great game from wherever we are as long as we have a little battery, a smartphone with good hardware and a screen that turns those pixels into something magical.

Perhaps those pixels can be transformed into a well-crafted shooter like Apocalypse: Owners of Universe in which we will transform into a huge robot in which its combat system will allow us to confront three races from three different planets. With this background, AyO Games brings us a third person shooter that weighs 99MB and that will ensure that the action does not stop and the frenzy arises in the form of pixels from the screen of your Android mobile.

An action and robot game reminiscent of Transformers

If there is something that this video game can remind us of, it is Transformers for those huge robots armed to the teeth when they get “angry”. Here they are the protagonist part of the game when we incarnate in the race of the Akacys, whose mission is to take over the universe. To do this we will have to conquer three planets: the planet Rocksmond; dominated by the Cyberids, a half-insect, half-machine hybrid race; Planet Earth, dominated by humans and who use technology to defend themselves; and the Planet Symag, inhabited by an artificial intelligence known as the Androbots.

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse returns to the charge so that we punish humans with zombies

With this on the table, we we will face different environments in a third person shooter where explosions and knowing how to attack at the right time will be essential to be able to emerge victorious.

Among its best features we found a world ranking in which to compete with more players to be the best player, which would be 16 weapons to fight and destroy enemies and unlimited endless levels that you like so much so that the fun never ends.

Daily quests for the exterminator you become

Here the thing is simple, you become an exterminator that he only wishes to conquer those three planets as his goal. For this you will have certain daily missions that allow us to access crystals, vital to be able to improve weapons and be even more destructive.

This brings us to speed boosts and a protective shield that will help us in those moments where we have to look for a nook where we can catch our breath to continue launching attacks right and left.

Apocalypse: Owners of Universe takes us to a frenetic, fast-paced action so that time passes quickly while we play it. Recalling those giant robot movies can surely fool you for this reason, since who does not like to transform into an annihilating robot of this type?

Its technical quality

A video game where its graphics look better when we find ourselves in the heat of battle with a well built 3D world. It does not lack in any of its elements and this allows us to delve into what it offers, full action.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon comes to Android to imitate Fallout Shelter fabulously

It has a tutorial at the beginning that shows us how easy it is handle it with very precise control in such a way that the moment the target sight is focused on an enemy it will start shooting at him. After the tutorial we will start with the first mission on Earth that will take us to others of greater difficulty. These first steps take us into everything this shooter has to offer, which is a lot as you can see.

Available for free from the Play Store with those inevitable micropayments. So if you were looking for a good third-person shooter that would take you a good amount of leisure time, perhaps you’ve found it with Apocalypse: Owners of Universe.

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  • your maps
  • A 3D that renders very well without lag
  • the different races


  • If it had multiplayer it would be spectacular

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