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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp tips: how to beat the game

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp tips: how to beat the game

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp you can run a campsite on your smartphone and you have to fulfill the campers’ wishes in order to attract new guests and expand the campsite. To do this, you must above all build friendships and collect Sternis. Use Melinda’s job exchange, for example.

Success at the campsite with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

As the manager of a campsite, your task in the smartphone game Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is to maintain a campsite and fulfill the wishes of the visitors. For this you need above all Sternis and building materials, but maintaining friendships is also very important.

Tips for more Sternis

  1. Melinda’s job market: Here you will find additional tasks for which you will be rewarded with materials and stars.
  2. Sell ​​items in the bazaar: Regularly sell surplus items. You will be more successful if you have many friends,
  3. The Shovel Pit: Enlist your friends’ daily help to search the Shovel Pit.
  4. Cultivating Friendships: As a friendship increases in level, you receive Sternis for it.
  5. Supply the Campers: Fulfill the campers’ wishes and talk to them to get Sternis and other rewards.
  6. Login Bonus: If you log in daily, you will receive a reward in the form of Sternis or Leaf Tickets.

More tips

  1. There are four different areas with different residents and animals. So change the place from time to time.
  2. The wishes of your campers are renewed every three hours.
  3. Work sustainably to save raw materials. These are rare and difficult to renew, especially in the beginning.