Android vs iOS, how do I know which one is better for me?

Talking about a topic as complicated and extensive as the preference of iOS and Android mobile devices can take a long time among so many contrasting opinions. However, today we want to mention the strengths and weaknesses of both operating systemsthis so you can reach a conclusion about which one is better for you.

Each software has some advantages and each of them also falters in different aspects; today you will see the most important of them.

First, Android, with its advantages and weaknesses

android is the operating systemmobile mbeen used all over the world. A lot of companies work hand in hand with the OS created by Google for a large number of reasons, among which the ones you will see below stand out.

The advantages of Android

  • Models, even to throw into the sky

It would really take us a long time to show the mobile brands that have Android mobiles in the market. This is one of the most important advantages because thanks to this you can find all kinds of options according to your needs and budget. The important thing is to know how to search between good, nice and cheap.

  • Personalization, this is life!

Something that we always appreciate is that Android is a faithful motivator of personalization.on and in the most important features of Android 9.0 Pie you will realize it. 20 points for Gryffindor house, I mean Android! hereWe have the possibility to modify the icons, notifications, cajnumber of applicationsand so on.

  • Prices, adapted to your budgets and demands

If you want a mobile that does not exceed 70 euros, you can get it. If you want one of 100, 250 and 500 euros you can also get it. And it is that at this point we have a sea of ​​options and from time to time we take out the ones that stand out the most according to different budgets. For example, below you can see the best smartphones for less than 150 euros and with very good features.

  • Governs the photographic section (we do not say it, it is affirmed by a great like DxOMark)

Many of us know that DxOMark verdicts are respected in the middle. From time to time they present their analyzes and recently they have revealed the score of the iPhone XS Max. Although this terminal sneaks into the top 5, it must be said that 8 of the 10mRanking phones bear the stamp of Android. Here we have the Huawei P20 Pro, HTC U12 +, Galaxy Note 9, Xiaomi Mi 8, among others.

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Android drawbacks

  • The updates, here we have to improve faster

There are some mobiles that enjoy faster updates. However, on a general level, Android is one step behind on the issue of new versions and here you can take a look at the brands that update their devices better and worse. Still a lot to improve, but companies like Nokia continue to improve remarkably.

  • The user layers of the other companies

This occurs when you don’t have a mGoogle mobile or with stock Android, which means that your mmobile is pure Android and it does not have ROMs from brands such as Xiaomi with MIUI, Huawei with EMUI, Samsung with Samsung Experience, among others.

Although this can be a problem, today you can modify an operating system by installing some ROMthis is not easy, but on our website you have the instructions and options adapted to your style.

  • Security, we all want to feel less vulnerable

Google has to continue to improve the security gap that often leaves us defenseless against malware attacks and hacks from all kinds of computer thieves. From scams to information theft, the North American company continues working to improve this aspect and proof of this has been the progress in protection against unverified applications.

Now iOS, its strengths and weaknesses

For its part, iOS, created by the great North American, Apple, is not far behind either, having been in the mobile world for years and being present in various iPhone models. This is what it has to offer and what it has to improve.

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iOS Highlights

  • Security, from here you have to learn a little

As a result of increased firmware control, Apple makes iOS take a big advantage over Android in terms of security. The removal of malicious apps from the App Store is not long in coming when they detect some small anomaly and this means that users can be more protected in this and other sections.

  • The updates, wonderful (you have to accept it)

Fragmentation on iOS is much lower than Android because Apple focuses on updating its mmobile from time to time. This does not happen much with Android, unless you have a Google phone or some brand that takes care not to wait months to update their smartphones.

  • Siri, a great ally

siri is a virtual assistant that can face Google Assistant and even beat it on several points. Its speed, understanding and quality in the answers and in the tasks make it your best friend to do a lot of things on your terminal.

The disadvantages of iOS

  • Prices

Not that it’s a total exaggeration, but spend mMore than 700, 800 and up to 900 euros for a terminal can be something unthinkable for someone. And yes, in the Android ecosystem you will have options that are around these prices, but you can also find new smartphones that are beasts for less than 500 euros.

  • Options a bit limited

Ok, there are more than a dozen options, but what happens when you don’t have the money to buy the latest from Apple or when you don’t like any of its models? Here, as hundreds of users have done, the solutionion is to cross the pond to look for something new and from different companies of mphones that work with Android.

  • The App Store can sometimes be a “LITTLE” limited

Sometimes you may want to try some game or app of a certain theme and get something nice for free that you really like. However, when you get more serious about the search, there may be very few options and mostof them are paid. And it’s not that there are no paid apps on Google Play, but surely the range of options at zero cost is much larger.

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Android has been in our blood for years and we prove it every day. However, this does not mean that we discredit the mobiles of those from Cupertino, because here you could also appreciate his qualities.

So, knowing all of the above, what is the best option for you? Do you stay with Andy or do you prefer to move on to the bitten apple?