ANDROID ALERT!!: BeiTaAd, the adware hidden in 238 apps on Google Play

From time to time they slip malware-infected apps on Google Play. It happened recently with several applications owned by Do Global, although it has happened in more cases. We also find in some cases with applications infected with advertisements, with the so-called adware, of which there have been several cases. It is the case again this time, with BeiTaAD, which has been detected in 238 applications that were months in the store.

These applications, all of them from the Chinese developer CooTeek, had BeiTaAd inside them. Between all of them they added downloads of 440 million. So they had a huge presence in the market and affected many users with this aggressive adware.

Among the affected applications, these 238, which have finally been removed from Google Play, we find some known. Names like Touchpal, ManFit or HiFit are applications which may sound familiar to some of you. All of them had this adware inside, which has caused many problems for Android users.

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The operation of BeiTaAd does not differ from other similar cases in the past. This means that these apps were ad-infested everywhere, to a point that was annoying. In addition, in many cases it was almost impossible to use the application on the phone itself, which is especially annoying for users. Unfortunately, the situation was worse in this case. Advertising didn’t just affect ads.

Since the ads also expanded to the phone. In this way, there were ads everywhere, from the device settings, to the notification bar or on the lock screen. In some cases, there have been users who report that it was almost impossible to use the phone. Due to the enormous amount of advertisements there were, it was almost unusable. So this BeiTaAd is one of the most aggressive adware out there so far.

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Also, the way the ads came out was also very curious. After installing the application, in the first 24 hours there were hardly any ads, but the number increased as the hours passed. Although it wasn’t until a couple of weeks had passed when the most obtrusive ads they were shown in the application and little by little also on the phone. So there has been a process in that sense, which has undoubtedly affected many users. The 238 applications, without exception, had this BeiTaAd inside.

circumventing security

BeiTaAd is an aggressive adware, this has been made clear, but what is surprising above all is that has bypassed all kinds of security checks on Google Play. Although Play Protect can be used to control malware or any type of threat, something we have seen in the past, in this case it has not done its job. Apps have been available for download in the store for a long time, without anything stopping it. Letting your downloads have been 440 million in total.

Therefore, it is clear that more security measures are needed in Google Play. The app store is working on measures, such as increasing staff to review apps. Although the question is whether this will help in these situations. Since it is surprising how long these applications with BeiTaAd have been available for download for Android users, with the danger that this entails. So it would not be a surprise if more measures in this regard are announced shortly, to avoid situations like this again.

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A revealed complete list of applications that were infected with BeiTaAd, and that have been removed from the store. You can see it at this link. If you have any of these applications, it is best to remove it from your smartphone as soon as possible. Since they are applications that generate

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