Android 6.0 Marshmallow will show us the latest security patch installed

The Google security updates we get on a monthly basis are great, but it would be cooler if we could somehow know where we are. But we can make this a reality, since the new operation Marshmallow shows what security patch we have, that is, through the options of our terminal. We expand with all the data:

Marshmallow shows what security patch we have

The monthly Google updates are very well received by users, because we know that somehow they care about us, since they make our terminals are better and more protected. This is really good, because not only can we live up-to-date and without problems, but now also we can know which one we are in to see if we have the latest one or not.

As we see in the previous image, through the options of Settings> About phone, now we can also shuffle the patch option, knowing which one we are in.

If we look closely, just below the version of Android we have, it shows us “Android security patch level“, That is, the security patch that we have, in the previous case we see that it is from 1st October, so it is fully and recently updated. I wish we all had this luck!

We also do not believe that the new security patch will take too long to reach the Nexus, because October has just begun and the time is drawing near. But it may already come directly with Marshmallow from October 5, and thus be able to have everything instantly: new operation + new patch.

More pressure for other manufacturers

This initiative that accompanies Marshmallow is very good, because this way more manufacturers will get down to business releasing these security patches in order to have its users protected. This is absolutely essential and essential for everyone, not just Nexus users. Thus all terminals would be protected despite the existence of vulnerabilities.

Now and as long as we have Marshmallow installed, we can see the latest security patch that has arrived and we have installed, in order to know how good our manufacturer is and how much it takes care of us. We can see it in any terminal with Marshmallow through these About the phone options.

What do you think of the new Marshmallow?

Via | Phone Arena