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An ad for the OnePlus 6T shows its full design

An ad for the OnePlus 6T shows its full design

Lately OnePlus is leaving rather little to the imagination. And it is that with their latest mobile we do not need rumors or leaks, they themselves put everything on a tray. What do we mean? A their latest announcement, where they have leaked the design of the OnePlus 6T With every little detail.

An announcement: the one responsible for us knowing the design of the OnePlus 6T

In it we can see Amitabh Bachchan (no, it doesn’t sound like anything to us either. Supposedly, talking about the virtues of the OnePlus 6T. But this announcement does not end up being as enlightening as we would like. These are all the details that leave a great unknown:

Amazon Exclusive: OnePlus is here to stay in the giant

If you were hoping to buy it directly from Spain, you will not have any problem. And it is that the OnePlus 6T, according to this announcement, will launch exclusively with Amazonwhich ensures us to have a very trustworthy seller in our country.

Also, remember that you can also buy it from the OnePlus website itself, taking advantage of your student discount or the 20 euro discount that we will upload to this website once the OnePlus 6T is presented so that you can buy it at the lowest possible price.

Now that there is less left for the presentation and that this announcement has opened the mouth, would you buy the OnePlus 6T?