AMD Link: Mobile communication with the PC

If you work extensively with your PC, you monitor and optimize all processes. With AMD Link, this is also possible from a mobile device. We will introduce you to the app and show you the possibilities.

AMD Link connects your PC to your smartphone and that opens up many possibilities.

The interaction of smartphone and PC can bring great added value. With its approach, AMD shows that there is more to it than just a nice gimmick.

AMD Link: More than system monitoring – streaming included

The practical thing about AMD Link is that the app includes several features:

  • With performance monitoring, you can see the most important parameters at any time, such as CPU load, FPS in games or temperature.
  • The news feed is an information hub that keeps you up to date with the latest news at all times.
  • Radeon ReLive is a streaming tool that serves as an interface between different devices.

AMD Link is available for free on Android and iOS, official download links can be found here. In addition to the mobile app, the appropriate counterpart must also be installed on the PC for use. It doesn’t even need a user account, so you can try the app without any hassle.