All the challenges of Season 10 of Fortnite: Battle Royale

Season 10 has finally arrived in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Throughout the morning we have been informing you about all the news, the skins and more aesthetic content, and the changes that the mapping has undergone. The start of Season 10 also involves the return from a lot of Challenges.

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But… And the Challenges of the Week? This season no daily challenges and the weekly challenges are replaced by themed missions. As we complete missions, we will unlock new mission sections. At PureGaming we will continue to offer all Challenges and locations to solve them, even if they are not the Weekly Challenges.

Challenges of Fortnite Season 10: Battle Royale

Season 10 of Fortnite: Battle Royale has left us a immensity of challenges to meet. Epic Games hasn’t skimped on missions and rewards, be it in the form of cosmetic items or V-Bucks. The new challenge menu features numerous mission sections. We show it to you below!

In this menu we can see different sections of challenges, each with its custom and unlockable missions, either by merit or by time. It should be noted that most challenge series require the Battle Pass, which can now be purchased for yourself or given away.

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In turn, there are mission sections that have a Prestige, that is: A new chapter of thematic missions. In this case we see the Prestige of Road trip and Masterful Melee.

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In the missions menu we can also see 8 quadrants for thematic challenges and missions exclusive for each featured skin of Season 10. Namely:

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This Season 10 there will be no Challenges of the Week, this does not imply that PureGaming stops bringing the challenges and their locations. We have already started preparing a post dedicated to each challenge section. Stay tuned to our social networks and website to keep up to date with everyone!

What do you think of the challenges of Season 10? What do you think of the change in the challenge system? And all the content of Season 10? Tell us in comments and good luck to all.