All Rocket League codes updated to 2021

If you want to know what are the Rocket League codes updated and since you can redeem them, you’ve come to the right item.

Regularly, Epic Games reaches different agreements to promote brands, these agreements translate into codes for Rocket League, and other titles, with which we can customize the look of our vehicle.

What is Rocket League

Football and car racing have millions of fans around the world. What happens without combining both sports? That’s rocket league. Rocket League is a game that mixes cars and soccer in equal measure.

Our objective is score more goals against the opposing team by pushing the ball with our vehicle. This title hit the market in 2015 and was available for purchase for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Mac. With the launch of the Nintendo Switch, a version for this console was also released.

In 2020, the purchase of Rocket League by Epic Games was announced with important changes. The first was that the version available for Mac would disappear. The second that the game became completely free.

Like any other title that we can download for free, the method used by developers to monetize it is the sale of skins in the game store and a battle passa battle pass that rewards us with different cosmetics as we level up.

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But, the best thing about this battle pass is that among the rewards, in addition to cosmetics, there are also we get enough coins to buy the next battle pass.

With these cosmetic objects with which we can customize the appearance of our vehicle, do not offer any additional benefits about the rest of the players, that is to say, that it is not a pay to win game.

Some of these cosmetic items with banners, wheels, antennas, exclusive songs, vehicle skins… But in addition, we can also buy the different skins that the game makes available to us through the game store, skins that are not included in the battle pass.

Rocket League Codes

There are many games that allow redeem codes for exclusive cosmetic itemsitems that will never be available in the Season Pass or the official in-game store.

These codes are generally commercial promotions of well-known companies and have a limited duration. These codes can be obtained by following the Rocket League social networks, which is where these types of promotions are announced.

These promotions are intended to create an advertising campaign for a certain event and, incidentally, motivate players to continue playing to get more rewards to customizeeven more your vehicles and stand out from the rest.

Rocket League codes active in 2021

Since the launch of this title in 2015, a large number of promotional codes have been released. However, at the time of publishing this article, only popcorn code is availablea code that belongs to the Limited Popcorn Ricket Boost promotion.

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Rocket League Expired Codes in 2021

  • beking. VCR Limited Tropper promo code.
  • couchpatato. Coutch Potato Limited Player Title promo code.
  • rlnitro. Breakout Code: Nitros Circus
  • rlbirthday. WWE code that allowed us to obtain banners, WWE wheels and antennas.
  • shazam. This code associated with the famous application to recognize songs, allowed us to obtain a sticker and Shazam wheels.
  • SARBPC. This code allows us to obtain a Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars logo, song and antenna.
  • truffle shuffle. Code that offered us a sticker of the mythical movie of the 80s The Goonies.
  • WWE18. Another WWE promotional code with which we got WWE banners, antennas and wheels.
  • West Germany. This code offered us rewards similar to the previous one: banners, WWE wheels and antennas.
  • wwedads. Another WWE code with which we obtained WWE wheels, banners and antennas in exchange.

How to redeem codes in Rocket League

Redeem codes in Rocket League is a very simple and fast processsince otherwise, it would not make any sense to launch this type of promotional codes.

The process for redeem rocket league codes It is the same on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, a process that we show you below:

  • Once we have opened the application, we go to the game options menu.
  • Within the options menu, we go to the tab Extra.
  • In the Extras menu, we find the option Redeem code.
  • Click on that option and enter the code that we want to redeem.

Once we have entered the code correctly, we went through the garage where the rewards we have obtained associated with the code will be displayed.

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How to download Rocket League

As I mentioned above, Rocket League is a game that is available for free download, a game that does not force us to spend a single euro to be able to enjoy it and win the maximum number of games.

Rocket League is only available for download through the Epic Games Store in its PC version. If you want to download it on PlayStation (PS5 and PS4), Xbox (S, X, One Series) or Nintendo Switch (all models) you should go to the store of each platform.

If you don’t have an Epic Games Store account yet, if you have played Fortnite you can use the same accountyou can login via :

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Xbox Live
  • PlayStation Network
  • nintendosteam
  • Manzana

Personally I do not recommend using any of these platforms and use the traditional method of creating an account associated with the email we want.

In this way, if we stop using any of them, we will not lose access to the platform if we have not previously changed the associated email.

Rocket League PC Requirements

Being a title that was launched in 2015, the requirements to enjoy this game they are not very high. To be able to enjoy Rocket League we need:

Minimum Recommended
Operating system Windows 7 64-bit Windows 10 64-bit
Processor Dual Core 2.5GHz Quad Core 3GHz
Memory 4GB 8GB
Storage 20GB 20GB
DirectX DirectX 11 DirectX 11
Graphic card GeForce GTS 760 / Radeon R7 270X GTX 1060 / Radeon RX 470 or higher

While in-game voices are only available in English, all the texts if they are translated into Spanish from Spain.

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